Nature getaway, we give you new ideas!

A few weeks ago, on our blog, you could read an article with more than original ideas for escapes to nature. We keep saying that May is the ideal month to find the best econochic© and SmartSleep© offer. Natural Park of Pagoeta, Guipúzcoa This real gem is a few kilometers

Nature getaway with B&B Hotels

“Windy March and rainy April bring a flowery and beautiful May”. While climate change, it has left many of our sayings meaningless. No one doubts that May is the spring hatching month, the eve of summer, the time where the long and warm days make you feel joy according to


Between the dates related to culture, non more suggestive than The Book Day. Every 23th of April, Cervantes, Shakespeare, roses and houses coexist with joy on a day which is celebrated almost throughout Spain, and this year, falling on Sunday, it´s even more special incentive to rush to meet any


At B&B Hotels we want you to live with us one of the oldest and deepest traditions in our country. Go to any of our destinations and participate in a unique and peculiar celebration. WHAT CITY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE? One characteristic for Easter is how to live according to the

Motorcycling and Formula 1 at B&B HOTELS

The engines start and with them, the possibility to enjoy the best world event from any budget hotel, an ideal space to combine passion for motorcycles, cars and trucks with maximum comfort and for an affordable price for all budgets. As every year, March marks the start of the season

Fallas 2017: enjoy with us

The scent of the nearest spring awakens us one of the most attractive celebrations in the Mediterranean Spain, The Fallas* It makes Valencia one of the most mandatory destinations for all the people who want to feel the complete tradition associated with The Fallas. The Smoke, the gunpowder scent, the

Getaways to kick off your summer holidays with a smile

Warm weather is starting to make itself felt again, multiplying our desire to travel. Spain is a country with so many brilliant places and possibilities, where you can enjoy the best natural hideouts, a varied cultural programme, and places where fun is guaranteed for travellers of all ages. If you would

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Water sports in Barcelona

In recent years water sports have become increasingly popular, especially those combining adventure and adrenaline unload. All travellers, who greatly enjoy being in touch with the sea, nature and sports, know that this kind of experiences need to be lived at least once. Of course, it goes without saying that

Come to the European Capital of Culture with the new Sidorme Hotel in San Sebastian

Some cities always occupy a privileged spot in our list of must-visit destinations. This time, however, this decision has the added appeal of experiencing a unique moment in history: San Sebastián is the European Capital of Culture of 2016. For the entire twelve months the city will be offering a

The biggest Hieronymus Bosch exhibition to date opens in the Prado Museum in Madrid

Any art lover will see “Bosch. The 5th Centenary Exhibition” as a golden opportunity or the perfect excuse to visit the capital city of Spain this summer. It is, in fact, a unique occasion one really wouldn’t want to miss. On from May 31st to September 11th, this once in