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59 Girona Flower Festival. Temps de Flors 2014

Since 1955 Temps de Flors - the Spring Festival is held yearly in Girona. Spectacular and unforgettable, it’s expected that the city will receive about 200,000 visitors. This year, the Festival will take place from 10 to 18 May, and it will be the 59th Edition. During these days the city will host 185 floral projects distributed in 145 spaces. The monuments, gardens and courtyards of the city will be open for visitors showing unique floral, ephemeral, amazing creations.


Girona is touched with the magic of spring, the beauty and joy of the flowers: it’s expected that restaurants sector will delight us with a new edition of #Gastroflors; the city will be dressed with the projections of drawings by Urban Sketchers organization; the shops windows will be also decorated, nightlife clubs will offer visitors specialties: sweets, cocktails ... ; and we will also enjoy with the music of the sixty concerts that will be held during the Girona A Cappella Festival, the Coral Cycle, the Cycle of Schools of Music and the European Opera Day. Color, harmony, smells, flavours, delicious music ... a joy for all the senses in a city that each year is overtaken in this celebration.


One of the novelties for this year is the recovery of the undergrounds of the Cathedral, where the visitors could enjoy with the interpretation of the spaces by the masters of floral art.


This year the Festival counts with the support of the city of Barcelona, where in the spirit of Temp de Flors, three art projects will be displayed in the Ciutad Vella: one in the Casa de l'Ardiaca, another one in the City Hall Courtyard, and the third one at the Casa Padellàs, and 50 photographs from the last edition Instagram contest will be showed at the Casa dels Entremesos. Renfe will provide during these days 14 high-speed trains linking Barcelona Girona in just 37 minutes for a total of 60,000 seats. Tickets are ready on sale and can be purchased for €12.55 each way on roundtrip ticket. The company will also offer 16,000 promotional seats from Zaragoza for 21 € and from Madrid for 34 €. If you are looking for a hotel do not hesitate to stay with us at B&B Hotel Girona, our Quality Low Cost Hotel, surely the best option, here you will find wifi, parking and free hot beverages 24 h . And if you come with your children ask about our family rooms; and remember that children under 12 don’t pay. We are looking forward welcoming you, and expect to share with you the Spring in Girona at its best!