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A day in the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia

There are so many things to do in the capital city of the Valencian Community, you won’t ever find yourself feeling bored. Located by the Mediterranean seaside, your stay in this sun kissed land will feel incredibly short whilst you enjoy yourself in midst its wonderful gastronomy, its legendary horchatas, its cultural offer and its fantastic architecture and cosmopolitanism. However, there is one thing you should include in your activities’ programme during your getaway to a cheap hotel in Valencia, which is absolutely mandatory if you’re a first-time visitor: to spend a day visiting the City of Arts and Sciences. It’s an impressive arts and leisure centre created by Santiago Calatrava, offering the best in science, music and nature. 


Sensational surroundings for a spectacular architectural ensemble

Thanks to this architectural ensemble and the bustling activities programme going on in its interior, the riverbed of the Turia river has become the primary meeting point for many Valencian people. The gardens surrounding the City of Arts and Sciences have established themselves as the ideal place for practising sports, taking a pleasant stroll, or having a drink in one of its cafeterias. And so, if you pay a visit to this rather frequented place by most of the inhabitants of Valencia, you will get in touch with the city’s true essence. Once you’ve had the opportunity to enjoy the surrounding area, it is time to discover the facilities and the many wonderful things they have to offer inside and outside. We hope you didn’t forget your camera, because you will want to capture the impossible architecture of one of the leading representatives of this discipline: Santiago Calatrava. Take a closer look at the buildings and admire the incredible details you haven’t been able to see from the distance. Take a walk near the fountain, see the Agora, or the Reina Sofía Palace of the Arts, all of which are dedicated to cultural purposes.


A visit to the inside of the facilities

If you’re already thinking of booking a cheap hotel in Valencia and coming to see everything we have told you about so far, you should know that this is just the beginning. The buildings comprising the ensemble are multi-purpose, each of them more interesting than the other. If you love nature and would like to see animals, make sure you visit the Oceanográfico, where you will be able to see a great number of species in carefully recreated habitats: the Antarctic, the Arctic, the wetlands, where you will see tropical and warm water fish, or fish from the Red Sea, amongst many other animals. You can dine in the underwater restaurant with spectacular views, and even opt for a guided visit throughout the facilities, if you feel so inclined. If you like to dedicate enough time to getting a good look at every detail, there is no better idea than to book a cheap hotel in Valencia to stay for a few more nights and thoroughly enjoy everything the City of Arts and Sciences has to offer. The Oceanográfic is only one of several buildings you can visit. Another breath-taking place is the Hemisférico, and its 100-metre long ovoid roof. Inside its facilities you will find the massive sphere, also known as the projection room. It has three different systems: high-definition cinema IMAX DOME, digital cinema in 3D, and digital projections with astronomical representations and entertainment shows. Last but not least, we must not forget the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum. A place where interactive exhibitions and scientific animations are the tools used to teach the guests about the latest innovations in science and technology, as well as the evolution of life. This museum is a global benchmark and one of the most visited museums in Spain, having welcomed over 30.7 million visitors since it opened back in 2000. So, what are you waiting for to visit the magnificent facilities of the City of Arts and Sciences? Book a cheap hotel in Valencia now, and get ready to spend some spectacular days with Sidorme.