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A few days of reading at the Madrid Book Fair

It is a well-known fact Madrid has tons of attractions, making it a wonderful place to visit during any time of the year. However, if there is a powerful reason happening right now, it is the 74th Madrid Book Fair. Book lovers are in luck: if you have a passion for reading, this event is just for you. Enjoy getting lost amongst a myriad of books divided between almost 370 stands lining up all over the Paseo de Coches (Car Walk) of El Retiro Park until June 14th. You will find yourself surrounded by the perfect environment because here you will be able to enjoy your newly purchased books under the shadow of the trees or sitting in any of the lovely terraces. This is is the best occasion to book a hotel in the centre of Madrid and dedicate a few days to dig into the stories of so many pages.


Book signings and opening ceremony by the Royal House

Given its irresistible power, it’s not in vain the Madrid Book Fair is so famous all over the country. A great number of writers are sitting around at the stands of the publishing houses where they sign book copies and reach out to their readers. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet professionals of the stature of Elvira Lindo, Rafael Chirbes, María Dueñas, and even Manuel Carmena, the current leader of the politic party Podemos, and possible future mayor of Madrid. You will find yourself amongst quite a number of personalities at this book fair, which will also be inaugurated by a member of the Royal House. Since 1987 it’s become a tradition, and this year the personality in charge was Doña Sofía, the mother queen. Nevertheless, the queen Letizia has also paid an incognito visit to the stands to purchase some books. Without further digressing from the matter at hand, that being the books, all enthusiasts of stories in paper will have the widest range of titles of all kinds at their disposal. If it’s hard to find books you like in your hometown, and you always end up buying them on the Internet, this is your chance to immerse yourself into a world tailor-made for you. The ideal occasion to find a hotel in the centre of Madrid and spend a few days giving yourself to your passion of reading. Regardless of your personal preference, whether it be historical novels, the horror genre, noir fiction, or any kind of tutorials, you will find them here. The specialised stands offer readers a great variety of topics that go way beyond bestsellers. Furthermore, a great number of book shops and publishing houses are located at the Paseo de Coches (Car Walk). It’s a unique chance to find books which will make your heart beat faster.


Activities and discounts

Additionally, throughout the duration of the fair there are plenty activities, besides book signings. The youngest ones of the family have a specially reserved place for them, called “Paper Hearts”. The Samsung tent organises every day creative and fun literature-related activities, like workshops and storytelling. If you want to stay in a hotel in the centre of Madrid with your children, you can always bring your kids with you to share these moments with them and encourage in them a taste for reading. Adults will also be able to enjoy fun activities at the Madrid Book Fair with presentations of new works, meetings with writers, collective readings, round tables and much more. Moreover, the book stands always offer interesting discounts due to the celebration of the event. It’s the perfect opportunity to get ahold of a copy of your most coveted book. Are you an avid reader? Why don’t you book a hotel in the centre of Madrid and come to enjoy one of the best book-related events?