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A medieval route through Granollers

When we take a peak at the city centre of Granollers, we are looking at an important part of its history. The city welcomes its visitors with the intention of showing them the origins of the capital city of this Catalonian comarca called Vallès Oriental. Granollers takes its visitors on a medieval route towards the most emblematic buildings and constructions of its streets. They have been witnesses of all the events that happened in the city and to its inhabitants since approximately the 11th century, making for a must-see tour for anyone in the area. If you choose to stay in a low cost hotel in Granollers, you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to get to know more closely the medieval history hidden inside its streets.


The medieval origins of Granollers

Granollers was born during the Middle Ages as a consequence of a crossroads, onwards from which an urbanised area began developing. It was due to a growing market (documented since the 11th century) sheltered by the Sant Esteve Church that little by little streets and squares began forming themselves surrounding this neuralgic point. This is also the place where all commercial and craftsmanship activity began to expand.

Nevertheless, its period of maximum development and splendour came in the 16th century when the Mayor square was extended and La Porxada was raised to serve as a grain market. This construction is one of the biggest medieval symbols of the city. Its fifteen Tuscan columns challenged destruction and witnessed bombings suffered by the building in 1938 during Spanish Civil War. The building had to be rebuilt. The productivity of the 16th century also included the construction of a new City Hall building, expansion of the hospital, building of the Sant Francesc Convent, and creation of the chapels on the wall of the portal.


How can you take the medieval route of Granollers?

If you’ve decided to find a low cost hotel in Granollers and you would like to get immersed in its history, the city offers a tour starting from L’adoberia d’en Ginebreda. This tour mainly shows a sample of the centre of traditional craftsmanship production. Thanks to its excellent state of conservation, it’s currently being employed as a museographic space, and it’s considered to be one of the key buildings in the medieval route of this beautiful city. Moving onwards, Granollers offers a tour throughout the city centre, the walls or “corredossos” (internal passageways inside the walls which protected the city), the defense towers, the old porches, and the Francesc Tarafa venue (previously known as the Sant Domenech hospital, documented since 1328). The aforementioned Sant Esteve Chruch is also one of the most important places to keep in mind during your visit. The bell tower is the only part of this Christian temple that remains intact.


A weekend to enjoy medieval history

A tour throughout the historical past of the city is one of the best excuses to book a low cost hotel in Granollers and spend a weekend or a few days enjoying a guided visit. Contemplate wonderful landscapes and old constructions which will get imprinted forever in your retina, and disconnect from the routine and obligations of your daily life. It’s the perfect plan for a getaway with your partner, friends, or family. Take a stroll through the streets and breathe some fresh air. If you’re taking your kids with you, this could be the perfect opportunity to show them some elements of the authentic heritage of the Middle Ages period. It will make for an undoubtedly interesting and fun way of getting them closer to culture. What are you waiting for to book a low cost hotel in Granollers and come to enjoy its historic past? Get on this journey throughout several centuries and immerse yourself in the past times of kings and queens rule.