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A romantic getaway in Spain: the magic of a perfect couple´s holiday

Break the routine and enjoy a few days off with that one person that makes us feel special during many moments in our lives, that is what we aim for. The summer is the perfect occasion to revive feelings and to be surprised with a romantic getaway in Spain, which awakens our senses and the magic of a perfect vacation with our couple. Near the sea, in touch with nature and the mountain landscapes or to the beat of the rhythm of the cities, the possibilities are endless and, the best of all, the secret of maximum enjoyment of this experience depends only on its protagonists and on how much they want to live some different moments, full of romance.


Settings and flawless details for a romantic getaway in Spain

Granada, Barcelona, Figueres or Valencia become perfect surroundings to remember and to give value to the good times shared. A few days off to dedicate time to yourself, where small nuances certainly make the difference. This is why we stand for a peaceful setting in which every last detail is given utmost attention, in order to ignite the spark of a couple´s holiday even more and make your holiday one of those that remain engraved in the memory over the years and strengthen your story.


Between rose petals and champagne bubbles

A lot of options for enjoying unforgettable days exist, and each one seeks to perfectly fit with the likings of the protagonists of these days of relaxation. A series of nods that, guided by carefully prepared hotel stays in hotels with extensive experience in providing our guests a professional and close attention, will make this romantic getaway in Spain, in which rose petals, champagne or chocolates will surely have their site as well, perfect.

The most important thing is to fully enjoy the person with whom we share our experiences and to forget our daily problems. It is for this reason that issues such as the economy are sidelined, by dint of tempting holiday packages, stays and romantic weekends suited to the needs of the different couples.


Care and relaxation to feel perfect

Now what can we do to make these days different? Pampering yourself is a good start en doing it accompanied by that one person that is important to you, even more. Enjoying the soothing sounds of water between the foam and the blissful bubbles of a Jacuzzi or a tempting day in the spa may be interesting ideas for the romantic getaway of your dreams. In addition to this list of ideas for your couple´s holidays, the option to continue backing complete disconnection from the daily routine keeps existing. Sharing some full sessions of professional massages and exclusive beauty treatments from a select range of features with the chosen person will surely help you look and feel perfect, all in complete harmony. And since it is important to care both the outside and inside, gastronomy plays a prominent role in the perfect couple´s holidays. An excellent opportunity to taste special and tempting dishes in a setting full of romanticism will instantaneously make you feel special with exquisite breakfasts and dinners. If the possibility of enjoying a dream vacation and building new, lasting memories with your partner seduces you, why don´t try and discover the romantic side of a stay in any of the Sidorme hotels?