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A romantic getaway to Granada: the secret to spending the holiday of your dreams

It’s important to keep the spark of love alive, and one of the best ways to do it is to regularly embark ourselves in a new adventure, building our own story, sharing beautiful romantic moments and experiences. The recipes for love are as many as they are diverse; however, some elements are primordial to making these moments unique and unforgettable. Breaking off of the routine and discovering a new destination is the best possible plan for a romantic getaway. Choosing the perfect place for you and your partner is essential before setting off on a journey. A romantic getaway to Granada is amongst the top most tempting alternatives where you will be able to spend the most magical days ever.

Granada boasts spectacular landscapes and views, as well as multiple stunning places ideal for people who are in love. Allow yourself to be seduced by this beautiful Andalusian city, for it has the perfect settings for building special memories. A walk through the Gardens of Generalife, or discovering the treasures of the Alhambra Palace is a good way to start getting to know the impressive history and culture of this area of Spain, which has survived over the course of the years.


Tempting gardens and incredible sunsets for a romantic getaway

Nature is one of the key elements in this city, and if you visit the popular Federico García Lorca Park, you will be able to enjoy a few minutes of invaluable harmony and serenity. Another great option is to take a look at the city from El Mirador de San Nicolás or El Barranco del Abogado, which are even more spectacular during sunset or night time. Their breathtaking views will contribute to sweetening even more your romantic holiday. Additionally, Granada is a fun and entertaining city, and its streets are the living proof of it. A good way to discover its peculiar nuances is by taking a walk through its streets and its most traditional neighbourhoods, like Albayzín or Sacromonte, as well as interacting with the locals. Add a little bit of cheerfulness to your romantic getaway enjoying the purest rhythms of flamenco, dancing, singing and hand-clapping.


A nod to your budget thanks to a cheap hotel in Granada

It’s important to wisely combine these exciting moments discovering and experiencing new things with rest time and tranquillity. The perfect place to stay during your trip, a place which will become your home for the following days is even better when it’s offering very interesting prices, without losing points in great service and comfort.  Choosing a cheap hotel in Granada will contribute to making this romantic getaway all the more magical and enjoyable. But that’s not all: another thing Granada is particularly famous for is its delicious cuisine. A wide range of traditional dishes of the area where fish and meat compete with each other to be the protagonists of candle lit romantic dinners in some of the multiple enchanting places of this city. A succulent menu which is inviting you to sample new flavours, such as the traditional Tortilla de Sacromonte, the stew of San Antón, or traditional desserts like pastries of Albayzín, honey-coated fritters, or puff pastry. If you would like to discover the essence and the romanticism of such an extraordinary city like Granada, Sidorme puts at your disposal the best deals in prices and services, always with the guarantee of the best comfort.