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A stroll by the most emblematic parks of Barcelona

The city of Barcelona can also boast plenty of gorgeous and historical gardens and parks, all of which are capable of taking your breath away, should you choose to discover them. Some of them are better known than others, but these places are all equally interesting, comprising a great route that will give your pleasant getaway to the capital city of Catalonia a fun and natural touch. Setting your course to Catalonia es a great option if you would like to enjoy a wide range of different possibilities. It can be perfectly complemented with a cheap hotel in Barcelona and its ideal location, making for a comfortable stay with everything you need within your immediate reach. Now that you have established your headquarters, the next step is to discover the creative and natural charm of Barcelona. Let’s get immersed in the Ciutadella Park. 

This dreamy location in Catalonia established its roots in the city back in the 19th century. This beautiful park presents its visitors with plenty of things to see and enjoy: gardens, monuments; and a gorgeous lake with rowing boats, which are available for rent if you want to go for a spin. It is undoubtedly an interesting way of getting familiar with the history of Barcelona going all the way back to Felipe V, the monarch responsible for this space becoming a reality in the present day.


From the Ciutadella Park to the renowned and colourful Güell Park: everything is possible from a cheap hotel in Barcelona

When you’re visiting the best parks in the city, another mandatory stop is the Güell Park. It's one of the most characteristic places of Barcelona, having been photographed by travellers coming from all around the globe, for it’s simply impossible to ignore such a mesmerising location. This colourful place has its origins in year 1922, owing its beauty to one of the most talented artists and a renowned Spanish architect, Antonio Gaudí. Given its special characteristics, this internationally recognised park has been declared a Historic and Artistic monument of National Interest, and catalogued as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984. To visit this park is to immerse oneself into a unique experience, and get to know the most artistic side of Barcelona, whilst enjoying nature and spectacular views of this cosmopolitan and modern city at the same time. If you intend to make the most of your trip to Catalonia and everything it has to offer, it’s important to choose a budget and well-situated accommodation, like a cheap hotel in Barcelona. This way you can discover the Güell Park and other magical locations, namely Laberinto de Huerta, hassle-free.


Labyrinths, nature and history make for a fun and peculiar route

If you’re already familiar with the aforementioned parks, and would like to get to see lesser-known places, this park will certainly catch your attention. Its interesting and carefully looked-after structure of cypress trees will remind you of the most sublime sequences in period dramas. Make sure to make enough time to discover all the hideouts located in this beautiful park, like the Bojes gardens, or the so-called Island of Love. The University gardens, located within the facilities of the University of Barcelona; or the Royal Palace of Pedralbes gardens, built in the 1921 are ready to impress their visitors with their design, natural wealth, and carefully maintained facilities. Take a look at the extensive variety of marvellous places to enjoy during a getaway with your family or your partner. Sidorme would like to invite you to visit Catalonia and enjoy our most comfortable and budget hotels. Make the most of your time in Barcelona with us.