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A visit to discover the secrets of the Alhambra Palace in Granada

Spain has many inspiring places, magical locations capable of making their visitors feel incredible and unique sensations. The Alhambra Palace in Granada is undoubtedly one of these privileged places, putting the region of Andalusia on a higher level, bringing here thousands of Spanish, as well as foreign travellers each year, all of which are visitors who are interested in exploring the charms of this magnificent monument. A getaway to the city of Granada is the perfect option for everyone who would like to combine culture, cuisine, and a varied leisure offer. Sweeten this interesting proposal with a cheap hotel in Granada, allowing you to move comfortably around the area and put the cherry on top of your trip with a visit to these key locations, which are the historical heritage left to us by the different eras of the past.


A monument carrying vast historical wealth and secrets

The Alhambra Palace carries within itself an overwhelming amount of secrets and historical heritage. This monument’s roots can be traced to the era of Al-Ahmar, all the way back to the 1238, when he decided to set in motion the construction of this key monument, just as we know it now. This location held within itself the lives of ancient Nasrid sultans and first-class soldiers, marking the beginning of several flourishing periods with this singular construction. To visit the city of Granada is to make a mandatory stop at this magical enclave, following different routes to discover its natural and architectural riches. Make sure to include the following spots in your itinerary: la Alcazaba, el Paseo de los Cipreses (a promenade of the Cypresses), el Secano, or Los Jardines de San Francisco (the Gardens of San Francisco), all of which are key points studied in international books, given their status of genuine historic treasures.


An enriching walk by the pictorial proposals at the Museum of Fine Arts

It’s very important to take the matter of choosing the proper accommodation seriously, in order to have enough time to enjoy your visit thoroughly. A cheap hotel in Granada will allow you to stay within your budget and move around nimbly, allocating a couple of days to discovering everything the Alhambra Palace has to offer, and dedicate a proper visit to the Museum of Fine Arts, which is located inside the premises of the Carlos V Palace. The Museum of Fine Arts is one of the most important art venues in the city, and its interior holds a rich heritage for its visitors to discover. There is a variety of art pieces, most of which are of religious nature and comprise the period going from the 16th to the 18th century, as well as a number of latter works from the 20th century and paintings of major artists belonging to the modern era.


The best of leisure, culture and gastronomy with the help of a cheap hotel in Granada

Nevertheless, Granada is much more than its magnificent palace, and to make the most of this experience fuelled by history and tradition, this Andalusian city gives its visitors a delicious gastronomic offer to discover the best tapas in the most authentically Spanish places. Such is the fame of this city for its cuisine, the name of Granada has spread all around the world, so make sure you get a taste of it yourself. Fun times are also guaranteed thanks to the best Flamenco rhythms. And if you’re in love with nature, this land won’t disappoint you in that respect either, for its impressive Sierra Nevada mountain chain will take your breath away. All sorts of alternatives catering to all preferences and budgets are waiting for you in this beautiful area. From Sidorme we would like to offer all visitors the opportunity to make their stay as comfortable and affordable as possible, with the help of our cheap hotel in Granada, allowing you to make the most of your journey to the south of Spain.