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An unique experience ... the Feria of Albacete

During the last days, wherever I go, I hear " It already smells to the Feria..." and the truth is that we are so eager and so proud of our festivities that we can not stop repeating it.

We are talking about the smells of those montaditos of choricillos and prawns at Los Arcos, the sweet wine and mojitos at the casetas, the Miguelitos at the Templete, a hamburger or a hot dog during the walk, churros with chocolate beside the Big Wheel, a corn cob next to the Witch Train ...those unique smells are repeated year after year with the same enthusiasm. Memories that fill our lips with smiles, sweet memories that we will always have in memory and each September 7 sprout as if it were a source.

We are proud to have a huge fairground full of attractions for young and old people. With terraces to enjoy a good beer and the best shops of handicrafts stalls in the area. During the celebration of the III Aniversary of our Feria, It has been recognised as object of International Tourist Interest and as one of the most traditional Ferias in Spain. Only this, is reason enough to come visit us! and don’t forget the cutlery tradition of our city. Here is where the best hands made ​​unique pieces -each with a different story, but they all begin here at Albacete.

A full day at the Feria could be really intense. In the morning visiting and buying souvenirs at the handicraft stalls or enjoying whit the “vaquillas”; at noon a stop to eat; and then a glass of cider with Miguelitos to get energy and start the afternoon enjoying which children and youngs. The day ends in one of the many concerts or dancing at the casetas the last hits.

It's already late at night when we finally reach Hotel Sidorme Albacete! Nothing better than a hot chocolate. Or…. why not wait until 06.00 am when breakfast is served? It's free buffet! the pastries are baked during the night in the same hotel and here smells wonderful!

The hotel is new, with Free Wifi in all areas; the rooms are spacious with all the amenities you could need. A good bed, with the possibility to choose the type of mattress and pillow you prefer, a large bathroom, and the option to make a late check-out and rest a little more. In addition, the Parking is ample and for free, with 24 hour reception to help and advise you on whatever you need.

Come to the Feria of Albacete and stay at Hotel Sidorme, it’s undoubtedly the best choice, the best relation quality/price. We are sure that you will feel at home!

Almudena López & Ana Torres

Director & Front Desk Sidorme Albacete