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Are you familiar with the Barcelona Modernisme Route?

Barcelona is well-known worldwide for being the capital city of Modernism. This movement firmly established itself in this beautiful city of Spain thanks to the work of artists of the height of Gaudí, Domènech i Montaner, and Puig i Cadafalch. These notable architects, alongside others, managed to create something sensational through the construction of incredible palaces, houses, a hospital, or the most representative building of them all: the Sagrada Familia Church. However, their contribution reaches far beyond these great constructions, and is present in residential buildings, pharmacies, shops, banks, and even lampposts. These brilliant people left an artistic legacy that is worth taking some time to visit properly, for it comprises a total number of 115 works. The best way you can do that is by booking one of the low cost hotels in Barcelona and spending a few days strolling through the streets of this magical city.


What are the 30 most representative works of Modernism in Barcelona?

The city council of Barcelona, as the institution that organised the Modernism route, has made a selection of 30 must-see places built in this architectural style that were deemed the most interesting for all visitors. Nevertheless, if you would rather discover all these places by yourself or with the help of the Internet, this list includes some of the already very famous places, namely Güell Park, Batlló House, Amatller House, Palau Güell, the historic building of Hidroeléctrica, El Castell dels Tres Dragons (The Castle of the Three Dragons) or the Catalan Music Palace. You can also hire an official guide, so as to not to miss a single detail of the itinerary.

If you choose one of the low cost hotels in Barcelona to visit the Modernism Route, we would like to recommend you to set the Arc de Triomf (Triumphal Arch) as your starting point, located on the Paseo de Lluís Companis, and built based on the style of Josep Vilaseca. This contruction presided the entrance to the venue of the Universal Exhibition of 1888, during the highest peak of Modernism. Nearby, you will find the Ciutadella Park (located at the Paseo de Pujades), which is considered to be the first architectural expression of the movement. Besides public buildings, the bourgeoisie of that period wanted their social status to be evident, and in order to achieve that goal modernist architects used various resources like floral ornaments, sculptures, wrought iron, ceramic, or stained glass. As a result, we were left with a great Modernist legacy in all of these residential buildings. Some of the unmistakable reference points of Modernism in Barcelona are buildings and works which are smaller in size. Generally speaking, Modernism doesn’t have monuments and constructions that are big in size, but its elements are present in all of the buildings built during that period.


Modernist icons in Barcelona

If this isn’t the first time you’re staying in one of the low cost hotels in Barcelona to ramble around this city and immerse yourself in its essence, you are probably more than familiar with its Modernist style. The Sagrada Familia Church is, undoubtedly, one of its primary Modernist icons. Even though it breaks away from the usual pattern followed by most Modernist construction due to its impressive height, it’s one of the most emblematic temples of all Spain. This iconic building is the one thing you really cannot miss, and it is highly recommended visiting this place with a knowledgeable guide who can uncover all the secrets of this incredible construction. Another iconic spot is the Güell Park, a place where you can go to get away from the asphalted roads and breathe some fresh air. Take some time to rest on one of its legendary benches with small colourful tiles, as well as sculptures crafted with the same materials. Don’t forget to take a picture at at least one of these places during your visit to immortalise this moment forever in your photo album. Now that we’ve outlined the Barcelona Modernisme Route for you, what are you waiting for to book one of the low cost hotels in Barcelona and visit its most iconic places?