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Barcelona Beer Festival: the perfect proposal for a great time

Craft brewing is in fashion. The production of this beverage is increasingly gaining a following amongst Spaniards, managing to concentrate a good number of aficionados who like to make the most out of events dedicated to this product, and experience a different kind of a getaway. The city of Barcelona has established itself as one of the places that decided to allocate a spot to this event on its busy calendar, showing the most traditional and cultural side of this centuries-old beverage to everyone who is interested in giving it a try. In order to celebrate such a special occasion accordingly, the capital city of Catalonia hosts once again a most popular Barcelona Beer Festival. This mass meeting will take place from March 4 to 6, and it’s open to everyone who would like to get a taste of some of the best craft beer out of over 300 different styles presented at the event. Take this chance to enjoy yourself doing what you love the most and book a cheap hotel in Barcelona, which is key to living such a unique experience the proper way.

BBF’s 5th edition is full of surprises and most interesting flavours

Barcelona Beer Festival (BBF) is celebrating its 5th edition in 2016. This event is on par with some of the best German beer festivals, capable of moving a large audience and bringing hundreds of local and foreign visitors to Barcelona, or more specifically, to the beautiful Museo Marítim, the venue chosen for the occasion. Such an extensive offer of all kinds of beer and food is ready to convince all visitors who are looking to enjoy a few relaxing days, or holidays with a special and traditional touch, with the help of this festival celebrating and honouring artisan beer.

A journey to the heart of beer tradition whilst enjoying a cheap hotel in Barcelona

Thanks to this festival, we are offered the perfect opportunity to get to know all the peculiarities of the city of Barcelona. It is, undoubtedly, an interesting deal, especially if you choose a cheap hotel with the perfect location to discover Catalan cuisine and tradition from another perspective. Visiting BBF is like entering a whole new kingdom: it has its own currency and rules. In order to enjoy the vast range of beers and delicious food at the festival, you will have to comply with the following: the beer will only be served in the festival’s official glass (which you will acquire with your entry ticket) and you will have to use coins specifically created for the occasion to exchange them for all the goods sold at the festival. This event is the perfect way to immerse oneself in the world of beer brewing culture and production, leading you directly to sample its most authentic flavours at a gigantic bar. This bar accommodates over 60 taps alternating over 300 beers present at this edition of the festival.

Museo Marítimo in Barcelona offers proposals catering to all needs and preferences

Contrary to popular belief, not all beer tastes the same. There is a large and varied range of styles and brands of beers, and all of them have its own particular nuances in their flavour and scent, which is why we recommend you to take this once in a lifetime opportunity. After a good rest in a cheap hotel in Barcelona, set your course to Museo Marítim and immerse yourself into the most particular tasting event. For this occasion, in an effort to include an even larger audience, the bar of BBF will offer its visitors a huge variety of different kinds of traditional beer, including gluten free and alcohol free samples. Do not hesitate to use this opportunity to discover the magical city of Barcelona and to enjoy the vast options and flavours it has to offer. Discover its tradition from a lesser-known point of view and book accommodation in the best B&B Hotels to enjoy a few days of rest with a special touch brought to you by the Barcelona Beer Festival.