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B&B hotels in Catalonia: a different approach to the culture, beaches and innovations.

Catalonia is considered to be one of the most attractive destinations for both national visitors and travellers from all around the world. With a mixture of pride of this recognition and the obligation to maintain high quality standards all the provinces in this area struggle hard to ensure that their hotels in Catalonia continue to live up to the expectations of the most demanding visitors. Inevitably, trips - passages in peoples’ lives – are experiences in which even the smallest details can make a difference. A place intended for rest, where you can return after a day spent outdoors making new discoveries, or after a working day, must meet certain standards. With that purpose in mind, different B&B hotels in Catalonia are striving to offer personalised attention and, above all, competitive prices.


Excellent service and a nod for budget to fully enjoy the best hotels in Catalonia

If you chose this Mediterranean destination, the next step would be to select the accommodation offer from the presently existing range of hotels in Catalonia that best suits your needs. It is a very important decision, bearing in mind certain aspects such as the trajectory of the establishment, the benefits and conditions offered. Moreover, keeping your budget in mind, you have to look for the best offers and prices on the market. Having good transportation which allows us to move comfortably from our chosen hotel to other places of interest, is another point to consider. Additionally, we have to pay attention to other qualities which can make our stay more pleasant. These include the quality of installations, fast free Wi-Fi connection to Internet, years in service, as well as other different features: room equipment, parking space free of charge, gastronomy, or playgrounds for children.


From big city hustle to relaxing wave babbling

In order to spend the most perfect holidays exploring the beautiful scenery of Catalonia’s cities and towns we should use the aforementioned principles as our primary guidelines. Immerse yourself in privileged settings in which nature shares the limelight with the most avant-garde areas, and the hustle that defines big cities. Discovering the beauty of a metropolis such as Barcelona and its surroundings. If you’re staying in one of the hotels near Barcelona, make sure you choose the right one. Our hotels are the very definition of comfort, personalised attention and personnel hospitality. It’s a tempting offer that meets different budget needs. And for those who are in need of a Wi-Fi connection, our first Sidorme+ Hotel which has been recently inaugurated in Viladecans is offering a free Wi-Fi connection with a download speed up to 300MB. A whole new experience! Similarly, there is also a possibility of making the best out of some beach days at the best Costa Brava coves. Allow yourself to get carried away by the tranquillity of the sea combined with the cultural and gastronomic offer. Such a comfortable rest will make your stay at our hotel in Girona all the more pleasant. If you want to make your travel plan more enjoyable, getting in touch with nature or immerse oneself in the cultural and avant-garde tradition of Catalonia’s prominent places, you may want to spend some delightful days in Figueres. Experience from up close the indelible imprint left by infamous personalities like Dalí. In such a case we invite you to stay at our Sidorme hotel in Figueres, where you will find everything you need at the best price. In conclusion, we offer different options that adapt to the most diverse reasons for travel. With our help you can enjoy an unforgettable holiday with your family, a romantic getaway with your partner, or a business trip with a guarantee of a professional service. If your route plan for the next holidays includes spending some days in one of the most attractive Catalonian places, make sure to keep in mind all the traits that make each Sidorme hotel in Catalonia unique.