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B&B Hotels offers free WiFi high-speed 300MB

Madrid, August 2015. With a firm commitment to innovation and a clear purpose of being always at the forefront of technological advances, B&B HOTELS is introducing big improvements in the Wi-Fi network in all of their hotels. This way, they are going to provide not only a free Internet service, but also a much faster and more secure one. Unfortunately, the Optical Fibre network hasn’t reached every part of Spain yet. Six of the SIDORME hotels already employing this technology are offering an Internet connection with an approximate speed of 300 MB. However, those without Optical Fibre have been upgraded as well. By the same token, they have installed a WiMAX network, which is a transmission system covering a radius of up to 50 km. Thanks to this upgrade, all hotels where DSL doesn’t work and the 3G signal is weak will now have a much faster and more secure connection to the Internet. The Managing Director of SIDORME HOTELS, Jairo González explains, “Clients are always thankful for the free Wi-Fi connection, and it’s one of the key points they bear in mind when making a reservation. But that is not enough for us. We want this Internet connection to be the fastest and the most secure”. “In order to increase the speed of a few megabytes to several hundreds, we’ve replaced the DSL connection with an Optical Fibre network, found alternatives when this technology was not available, and improved the infrastructure of our hotels. This is something we have been able to achieve by choosing first-rate manufacturers, namely Huawei and their equipment with a 4 Gbit/s transmission capacity (the biggest one in the industry), automatic adjustment of the channel to prevent interference and to have better control of the power. If one of the antennas fails, an automatic trigger will increase the power of other antennas nearby. This way, the Internet users won’t be affected by the disruption. SIDORME HOTELS’ investment has been possible thanks to the Public Business Institution’s support, which brought together the ‘Improvement of the Wireless Connectivity in the Hotel Industry Programme (Hotels with Internet)’, financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


Internet also outside the hotel

SIDORME HOTELS’ commitment to high quality Internet connection doesn’t end inside their establishments, however. One of the biggest problems most travellers staying in hotels are constantly struggling with is the inability to connect to the Internet in the streets, due to excessive roaming charges by their respective service providers. Whilst the European Union (EU) is planning the end of mobile roaming to come into effect in 2017, B&B HOTELS has already been offering a MIFI service, which consists of a mobile router acting like a Wi-Fi mobile hotspot. This service allows all clients of Sidorme to be able to connect to the net through their smartphone, tablet or laptop avoiding the expensive roaming charges. Once their stay in Spain comes to an end, they can return the MIFI device by simply depositing it in a post box. “Thanks to this collaboration between a private and a public institution, our clients will be able to enjoy the best Wi-Fi technology and a high-speed Internet connection difficult to match by other establishments”, concluded Jairo González.



SIDORME HOTELS is the first Spanish Quality Low Cost Hotels chain. This concept is characterised by new hotels offering low cost prices, good taste, immaculate cleanliness, and minimalistic design in their facilities; all this while maintaining a high quality service at the same time. Thanks to the appropriate optimisation of the investment and operation costs, they’ve managed to achieve a successful business model supported by over one million guests who have stayed at one of their hotels all over Spain. For more information: Sidorme Hotels Communication Alberto Pérez | Central Office / Headquarters | Av. Olof Palme 24 08840 Viladecans | T +34 935 839 975 | F +34 935 839 971