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Beaches of Costa Brava in Spain: An immersion into crystalline waters

The interplay of green and blue hues constitutes an important characteristic of the marvellous scenery – the beaches of Costa Brava. A compound of culture and nature invites you to dedicate a few days to enjoying Costa Brava’s crystalline waters and idyllic landscapes. This exceptionally beautiful area of Spain offers a great escape when our schedules become overloaded; moreover, during this busy time, Costa Brava’s hotels, which strive to provide their guests with maximum comfort, eagerly open their doors to new travellers. Being over 214 kilometres long, this area of Catalonian coastline prides itself on possessing some of the greenest and highly coveted areas in Spain. Travellers from all over the world are greatly intrigued by the multitude of natural parks including creeks and beaches.


The unparalleled charm of the best hotels in Costa Brava

Alto Ampurdán should be the starting point of your journey of discovering secrets of this inspirational for many great artists region. To this end, you can stay at the hotel in Figueres located close to the French border. Make the best of your holidays by visiting the most exceptional beaches, and get acquainted with an artistic benchmark, namely the Dalí Museum. The quality and richness defining these beaches make it for the traveller quite difficult to make up their mind. However, one can never go wrong by choosing the allure of Roses or Cadaqués; the latter being a typical fishermen town surrounded by rocky landscapes. This town is defined by sea, ships, and traditional cuisine of the area, predominantly consisting of fresh seafood. These are the most memorable qualities for travellers who decide on exploring this particular place full of stories and legends. Enjoyment and tranquillity of the beaches go hand in hand with resting time; therefore it’s important to find a comfortable place in the ideal location for regaining strength. With that purpose in mind, Sidorme hotel in Girona offers you the most attractive prices suitable for any budget.


Relaxation, leisure and sports where the sea takes a major role

Arrival of the summer makes this Catalonian region particularly attractive and tempting, whether you travel for pleasure or for business. It offers you the possibility of combining a relaxing time together with leisure and sports. Costa Brava’s coves, such as Sant Pere Pescador beach amongst many others, become the ideal place for enthusiasts of diving, kite surfing or paddle surfing. Nevertheless, the aforementioned reasons are not the only appeal of these privileged surroundings. After resting in one of the hotels in Costa Brava, you might feel tempted to explore historical areas by the beach. Surprising discoveries of ancient civilizations, such as ruins of Empúries belonging to the Greek ancestry, left a historical imprint at the beaches of Les Muscleres or Moll Grec, in the town of L’Escala. Similarly, the most adventurous may enjoy a hiking route through the cove of Ferriol. So, if you would like to submerge yourself in this perfect combination of beaches and nature, why not head to Catalonia and enjoy the best offers of Sidorme hotels in Costa Brava?