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Beer and tapa, a Granadian-style temptation you won’t be able to say no to

Some cities are capable of bewitching you with their sights and landscapes, but some cities have other strengths as well, in which the persuasion of the sense of taste is their primary focus. The Region of Andalusia is very well-known for its dreamy areas and its tapas. It’s this delicate selection of treasures of the Spanish cuisine which contributed to making the beautiful city of Granada such a popular destination for both national and international visitors. Every year, thousands of people fall into the temptation of getting lost in the streets of this magical city to enjoy its history, as well as the best offer of a beer and tapa in Spain. Besides being a privileged enclave full of nuances, Granada is considered to be a budget-friendly destination, where you can sample the most delicious cuisine at the most affordable prices. Enjoy the best service and comfort without spending a fortune, take some time off and visit the city, staying in a cheap hotel in Granada.


From the majestic Alhambra Palace to the unparalleled neighbourhood of Albayzín

The city of Granada counts with a wide range of possibilities to explore its diverse offer of culture, entertainment, and good cuisine. There is a variety of tours to choose from, so make your choice and allow yourself to discover captivating historical monuments, such as the Alhambra Palace. Don’t forget to make place in your schedule for some rest time and take a stroll through the Albayzín neighbourhood, sampling the most solicited and delicious Andalusian tapas in its many different bars. If there’s something that particularly astounds visitors coming from abroad, is the characteristic quality of the establishments’ eagerness to please their customers, specialised in providing them with the very best of Spanish cuisine. It’s an interesting way of honouring their visitors, extending an invitation to whet their appetites with a free tapa accompanying a beer or any other beverage of choice.


Tradition and modernity without losing the essence of the Andalusian cuisine

More and more travellers decide to come to discover the richness of the Granadian cuisine, predominantly consisting of jamón (ham), chopped cold meat, fried food, and seafood. However, the universe of tapas -as we know it- is always evolving. Enjoy a display of interesting and daring blends using the best ingredients, creating genuine gourmet tapas, capable of conquering the most exquisite of palates. Nevertheless, the neighbourhood of Albayzín is not the only place where you can enjoy this juicy offer of beer and tapa. Other nearby neighbourhoods and pedestrian areas are filled with bars and restaurants such as Navas street, Plaza de Toros, or if you don’t mind going slightly further, the bustling neighbourhood of La Chana.


The pleasantness of eating well and having the best rest time in a cheap hotel in Granada

With each of the aforementioned options visitors can enjoy the purest and most genuine Andalusian creations halfway between tradition and modernity. Alongside this invitation of a good snack at the table comes the possibility to enjoy guitar playing to the rhythms of hand-clapping and the magic of the best Flamenco singers. Granada paints itself as a city full of countless and affordable possibilities for anyone who would like to visit it. It’s undoubtedly a point of convergence for lovers of the good cuisine, architectural heritage, and leisure. Here you can enjoy everything at the best prices, without giving up good, quality service, and a comforting rest time in a cheap hotel in Granada. If you're looking to visit a genuinely extraordinary city, do not hesitate to take advantage of these unique opportunities Sidorme puts at your fingertips.