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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Any self-respecting mother will be repeated this phrase over and over again. But you know, mothers know everything, and once again we must listen to them. As it is known, breakfast means basically break the fasting we are forced during sleep. It is a period in which we can not eat food or drink and the body fail to perform complex metabolic processes with all the nutrients they have acquired throughout the day, and when we wake up, our body is "dry". So, you can not start a day fasting! Vital when it comes to breakfast, is to find the balance in foodstuffs that we are going to eat. Our body is smart, and always claims the foods that contain the nutrients we need at any time; but could be that those are not always the appropriate and usually are the most delicious and palatable foods, which often contain a higher level of fats. That is why we must be very careful with what we take in the morning to provide us energy, vitamins and vitality to face the rest of the day. InbB&B Hotels we know very well that after sleeping like a king, you deserve to have breakfast like a champion. Thinking in all of you, we have created over the years a buffet out of the norm, in variety and quality. In all of our hotels you can find fresh fruit, an assortment of sausages, assortment of cereals, regular and soy milk, juices, freshly baked pastries, toast, the tastiest jams ... endless options so you can configure the best breakfast every morning. Our coffee machines are at your disposal not only during the morning, but 24h. totally free.

Furthermore, we take care of yourselves as much as possible, and that is why we offer you our special diets: a range of healthy and integral products for all you who consume these foods at home. And if you're allergic to gluten, you should know that we try to make our best to offer a buffet suitable for coeliacs, but unfortunately not all of our products are today suitables. For this reason, please, if you need breakfast for coeliacs or you have other special needs, let us know it in advance when you make your booking, and we will try to provide what you need, to make you feel at home.

Many times, it happens that we have to leave in a hurry without breakfast B&B Hotels  that's not an argument. We opened our buffet every day at 6 am until 10:30 on weekdays and until 11:30 on Saturdays and Sundays, so you can get up later. And if you still have to leave the hotel before 6 am, no problem! Our clients sleep, but we never rest, and we have time to prepare a delicious and fresh breakfast picnic to take away that you can pick up at the reception. You only have to tell us in advance and everything will be ready at the time of your departure. Best of all: our breakfast is not an extra with an exorbitant price. Associating "Low Cost" with low quality can not be applied to Sidorme. Our accommodation breakfast included rates are unbeatable, and in case you have not booked it, you will change your mind seeing our buffet in the morning and knowing that it costs only 6 € per person, including VAT! All our range, all our quality, our entire flavor, always at your fingertips, a great start to the day, and nothing will stop you!

If you need more information, you can contact us through our online channels or asking directly to our receptionists available 24h, we are happy to help you. See you at the buffet!

Albert García Hotel Sidorme Figueres Director