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Celebrate diversity with the LGBT Pride Parade in Madrid

From July 1st to July 5th the well-known neighbourhood of Chueca in Madrid becomes once again the centre of the party to celebrate diversity. It’s an appointment attracting thousands of people every year who want to show their support to the LGBT Pride week. Culminating with a demonstration on Saturday July 4th, it’s the biggest concentration favouring diversity in all Europe. However, that is not all: culture, party, musical and artistic acts all have a room in the streets of Madrid. Five days to join the celebration immersing ourselves in the atmosphere uniting over two million people. The LGBT Pride in Madrid is organised to foment integration of everybody: young people, older people, residents in the neighbourhood, and visitors from all around the world, making for the best occasion to really experience the diversity. If you would like to enjoy this massive event first-hand, you just need to book a hotel in the centre of Madrid and discover the Gay Pride celebration.


A varied programme to suit all preferences

Kicking off on July 1st at the Chueca Square and up until the last day, there is a wide range of activities scheduled due to the celebration of this event. At the Plaza del Rey (King’s Square) you will find the Pride Cultural Stage, headquarters for the Muestra-t (Show yourself) Festival, where you will be able to enjoy a variety of performances. The main activity scheduled at this stage is The Pride Factor, celebrating the second edition of the MADO talents competition, during which the audience will be able to enjoy different artistic abilities of the participants. At Callao Square, being the indisputable symbol of the city of Madrid, there will be live performances such as the final of the Mr. Gay Pride national contest in Spain. It’s a must-see event full of surprises and guests you cannot miss. If you stay in a hotel in the centre of Madrid, you can attend this fun contest carefree. Furthermore, different theatres, venues and galleries offer several performing arts acts with Amores minúsculos (Tiny Loves) as the headlining act of the programme. The Lara Theatre is the chosen stage for the dramatisation of this comic book, awarded with the Max award for Best New Play. Con la luz encendida (With the Lights On) and Corina Rebeca are some of the many other representations which will take place throughout the Pride celebration. There will also be room for fine arts, with the Cliché, Amargo de Angostura, or Carne Fresca exhibitions, amongst many others. Cinema, literature, flamenco, cabaret and drag shows are some of the different areas surrounding the LGBT theme all visitors will be able to enjoy.


The biggest demonstration in Europe

A great number of other activities take place during these days (you can see the full schedule on the official website of MADO), but one which absolutely everyone should attend is the Pride demonstration.  It’s an explosion of rainbow flags to celebrate diversity and take part in the parade of floats running from Atocha all the way to the Colón Square. The Madrid LGBT Pride parade is famous all over Europe. During this time of the year, the eyes of our neighbouring countries are all set on Spain. It is a well-known fact that many people from abroad book a hotel in the centre of Madrid in order to come to spend a few days and take part in this spectacular celebration. Partying and representation join forces during the Madrid LGBT Pride or MADO, awarded by MTV in 2009 and 2010 with the “Best Gay Event in the world” (Tripout Gay Travel Awards). This honour strengthens the long career of this celebration in the capital city of Spain. If you would like to join this popular party, you only need to book a room in our hotel in the centre of Madrid now, and you will be able to live a unique and enriching experience which stands for the peaceful coexistence and acceptance.