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Celler de Can Roca: the best restaurant in the world is in Girona!

Celler de Can Roca (Girona) has once again been awarded the title of The Best Restaurant in the World, by the prestigious Restaurant magazine, published in England. The brothers Roca had previously won this trophy back in 2013. This year it has been given back to them, after a Danish establishment by the name of Noma took the first place in 2014. It’s no secret Spanish cuisine is highly acclaimed worldwide. Gastronomy and arts blend into a free style cuisine concept, which is exercised by these three brothers. It’s a marvellous reason to find a low cost hotel in Girona and visit Celler de Can Roca, where you will be able to sample the delicacies these three magicians of the cuisine prepare every day for their customers.


Besides being able to enjoy a menu in the best restaurant in the world, you can be certain you will be treated exquisitely, as it is one of their most distinctive traits. As a matter of fact, they specifically point it out on their website: winning awards isn’t the most important thing. Their aim is that the clients leave their establishment happy and looking forward to returning again. In order to achieve this honour, the brothers combine their best strengths, for each one of them dominates a different area. Joan is the creator behind the stove; Josep is a great wine waiter, as well as the master of all waiters; and Jordi is in charge of the confectionery of this family restaurant. The perfect merging of skills between the kitchen, the hall, and the winery, giving way to the perfect symbiosis of the sweet, the savoury and the liquid worlds. For that reason, the owners themselves say it’s a three-side game. These three brothers not just share a gastronomic DNA: they have all received professional recognitions like the National Gastronomy Prize and an honorary degree Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Girona. All three of them were initiated in the world of cuisine thanks to the family establishment Can Roca, situated in a neighbourhood in the outskirts of the city. This is the very place where they did their homework, while simultaneously being introduced to the flavours and the aroma of traditional cuisine cooked by their mother. It’s an experience which left an imprint in their lives forever, and it’s also the base of their success.


A getaway to Girona to experience excellent cuisine

Undoubtedly, this captivating story is luring us into getting a taste of the menu the Roca brothers have to offer in the best restaurant in the world. Moreover, we are fortunate to be able to stay in a low cost hotel in Girona and enjoy this prestigious place. Enjoy a getaway to make the most of the renowned cuisine this region has to offer.  In Celler de Can Roca you will be able to sample a free style cuisine, one which doesn’t forget its origins. It’s the perfect fusion of tradition and modernity resulting in delicious dishes, the very recipe that took them to being the No 1 in the whole world. Additionally, if you choose a low cost hotel in Girona, you will also have the possibility of spending a little more of your budget in things that really matter. Enjoy outdoor activities and cultural tours throughout the city, and culminate your day with a good lunch or dinner. Share these precious instants with your partner, family or friends. They are the main reason to book a few days off in our schedule and discover the best restaurant in the world in an extraordinary environment. Before you start making plans, keep in mind that the Celler de Can Roca restaurant is closed on Sundays and Mondays, and it will be closed for holidays from August 1st to September 14th. Take advantage of this opportunity now, and make a reservation before it’s too late.