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Come to enjoy the 31st L’Empordà Wine Tasting

From September 3rd to 6th wine lovers have an appointment in Figueres they cannot miss. If you’re not familiar with its name yet, it’s the 31st L’Empordà Wine Tasting. It’s a unique event acting as a point of convergence for the latest and the best of the wine sector of the area. A great variety of wineries covered by the Designation of Origin label of the area will be offering a wide range of activities, information at their stands, and, naturally, a tasting of this powerful elixir. Such a suggesting offer makes for the ideal moment to find a low cost hotel in Figueres and take this opportunity to spend a few days immersing yourself in the local gastronomy.


Learn something new: the wonderful world of wine

If you’ve never partaken in a wine tasting, and you would like to learn something new about how this tight world works, here’s your best chance. Have you always wondered what is it the sommeliers are trying to appreciate when they are swirling the wine in their glass? Would you absolutely love to know what you are talking about when you give a firm ‘Yes’ to your waiter, that you will have this particular bottle of wine they are offering? Before you is the perfect moment to learn all the intricacies of wine tasting. Several different wineries attending the event have organised a great number of activities, as well as tastings where you will be able to solve all your questions.

Besides, such an event could make for the perfect romantic getaway. Whether you’re amateurs or mighty experts in the subject, you will greatly enjoy this fair, taking place at La Rambla of the city. Take advantage of the perfect excuse to find a low cost hotel in Figueres. Something simple, yet incredibly appealing where to spend a few fantastic days relaxing and enjoying this self-devotion you so deserve. Additionally, you can take advantage of the 35% discount on your ticket for the high-speed train aka AVE (on the occasion of the tasting) to travel fast, comfortable and care-free. Forget about everything for a few days and choose the most beneficial options to disconnect from the daily routine.


A wine with a lot of history

The wines of the area boast a millenary tradition. As a matter of fact, there is proof that their knowledge and commercialisation arrived to Catalonia at some point in the 6th century b.C. There’s also archaeological and documental proof that the chalices of L’Empordà and Tarragona were already known four centuries after in the regions of the Roman Empire and the internal markets. During Middle Ages, monastic communities were the driving forces of the wine sector. Some of them were Sant Pere de Rodes, Santa María de Vilabertran, Sant Quirze de Colera, Sant Miquel de Cruïlles, Sant Climent de Peralta or Sant Pau de Fontclara. Particularly stands out the monk Ramón Pere de Noves, to whom is attributed a treaty on the subject matter. If you would like to get to know all the ins and outs and the history of the wine from L’Empordà, you can’t miss this event surrounding the wine chalices you will greatly enjoy. Finding a low cost hotel in Figueres won’t be an issue, so you can start planning this little getaway now.


The most passionate wineries will be present at the tasting

Almost 20 different wineries take part in the 31st L’Empordà Wine Tasting event. Each of them has a different philosophy, however there’s something that unites them all: love for their work and care for their product. Some of the names you will get to know are Espelt, Masetplana, Castell Peralada, Mas Llunes, Vinyes dels Aspres or La Vinyeta. This is the perfect occasion to try them. Designation of Origin L’Empordà wineries make wines with a unique seal, identity, innovation and exclusivity. It’s not in vain some of them have been awarded with renowned international honours. So here’s yet another reason to book a low cost hotel in Figueres and come to see this incredible city, whilst at the same time getting to know everything about the wines of L’Empordà.