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Come to the European Capital of Culture with the new Sidorme Hotel in San Sebastian

Some cities always occupy a privileged spot in our list of must-visit destinations. This time, however, this decision has the added appeal of experiencing a unique moment in history: San Sebastián is the European Capital of Culture of 2016. For the entire twelve months the city will be offering a complete and diverse cultural programme, under the name of “Culture for Coexistence”, based on this very concept of coexistence, as well as tolerance and exchange. The streets and the cultural centres of San Sebastián will be brimming with an extensive variety of proposals, ranging from dance shows to cinema projections, with a colourful offer of the most diverse and tempting possibilities. If you would like to take part in an event of such degree and feed the desires of your most artistic side, make sure you book a hotel in San Sebastián now and immerse yourself in this wonderful adventure of learning whilst enjoying the incredible European culture. 


The “Culture for Coexistence” programme

There are so many things that can be done and seen in one whole year. And you will, indeed, quickly realise it if you enter the official website of San Sebastián, the European Capital of Culture 2016. Cinema projections involving the latest socio-cultural topics, dance and music shows; but also a never-ending list of art proposals, music, literature, theatre, popular folklore, sports and biodiversity. Of course this year-long event wouldn’t be the same without critical reflection and dialogue, either, with political debates, citizen involvement empowerment, conferences, meetings... All of which are present in every activity, from projections to performances and shows, with exhibitions, guided visits and summer university courses in between. Important present-day topics like the Western Sahara conflict, or the refugees issue serve as background to many of the activities. Other frequent topics include the importance of water, women’s relationship with the sea, as well as other cultural productions focusing on a specific theme. If you’re already thinking about booking a hotel in San Sebastián, and coming to see this beautiful city and to experience a true cultural explosion, it’s important to take a peak at the programme of upcoming activities. This way, you can plan your trip accordingly, and see the best proposals coinciding with the time of your visit and your budget.


Comfort is the most important thing to look for in a hotel in San Sebastián

In order to organise your trip, it’s always best to start by choosing accommodation catering to all your needs. First and foremost, choose a low cost hotel if you intend to keep an affordable budget for your upcoming trip to San Sebastián. If your hotel is low cost and also near the city centre, you’ve hit the jackpot. Keep in mind that finding a comfortable hotel should be one of your primary concerns. That way you can dedicate as much time and money as possible to tourism, spending less on transportation from one place to another. When you finally reach your room to relax, it’s also recommendable to make sure it offers a pleasant environment where to rest after a long day exploring the city. For that reason, the new Sidorme hotel in San Sebastián has lovely, designer rooms. This is a 3-star hotel, which has been entirely refurbished and modernised, offering visitors high-class facilities for an unbeatable resting time. There is no reason why style, good taste and affordable prices should cancel each other out, and this is something you will be able to see in any of our hotels spread out all over Spain. Besides, if you decide to book a low cost hotel in San Sebastian, you will be able to designate a bigger part of your travel budget to other exciting things, like entertainment or gastronomy. The latter one is particularly important, for when you’re visiting a new destination, it’s always fun to fully immerse oneself into its culture, and sample its traditional cuisine. Come to meet the European Capital of Culture 2016 with the new Sidorme hotel in San Sebastián this summer!