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Between the dates related to culture, non more suggestive than The Book Day. Every 23th of April, Cervantes, Shakespeare, roses and houses coexist with joy on a day which is celebrated almost throughout Spain, and this year, falling on Sunday, it´s even more special incentive to rush to meet any of the cities where this date is celebrated and take advantage by having a look on a few books and, why not, spend a few hours to know the main cultural events on early spring.


Catalonia celebrates "Sant Jordi"

Without any doubt, Barcelona is the city that capitalizes attention these days. Not any Catalan town is outside the celebration of Sant Jordi. The best way for this experience is to book a budget hotel in Girona, Figueres or near the capital, for example in locations like Viladecans, Mollet and Granollers. From here, access is provide to The Ramblas, the heart that beats in  Barcelona and each year is full of books and thousands of roses, ready for everyone to feel the pleasure of "ramblear",  touring this artery up and down visiting stands, leafing through books, buying solidary roses or simply looking for the most renowned authors, who every year have an unforgettable date here. As every year, the whole city turns to the event, which allows to buy books but also enjoy special offers according to music, art or for many of  Barcelona museums events. The traditional opening speech this year will be done by the writer Yasmina Reza, opening a full weekend of activities.


Books in the Parque del Retiro

A month later, in full spring, it´s turn for another great Spanish appointment according to books. The Madrid Book Fair will take place on the 26th of May untill the 11th of June. The idyllic Retiro Park is the setting for this event, where the main novelties of the season are presented with the most widely read authors. Madrid and its surroundings offer a wide range of econochic©  & SmartSleep© hotels,  ideal for spending a few days in the capital and take opportunity to enjoy its cultural events. Portugal is the guest for the main event of books in Madrid, therefore a series of events will be organized around it.


Follow cultural getaway to Valencia

If Portugal is protagonist in Madrid, the world's famous writer, Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, will be for Valencia. The author of “Reeds And Mud” is the central axis of the Book Fair for the Levantine capital, which also provides two economic hotel to rest after a day visiting `Jardines de Viveros´, where the contest is between the 20 April and 1 May. Beside, there are also other important characters for this year as: Gloria Fuertes, Miguel Hernández and Joan Fuster, which are subject to various tributes. Other cities like Vigo, Alicante, Albacete, Granada or San Sebastián, also overturned with the International The Book Day. For the Nazari city, different areas are scene of talks, meetings with writers and book signings from 21 to 30 April. In cases of Vigo or Alicante we have to wait a little longer,  until the beginning of summer to live an appointment that, by itself, justifies a visit to any of the hotels that, in any of these cities, offer the best relationship between quality and comfort. Any of them also has the incentive of a wide program of activities to bring children closer to reading, making a family hotel the best option for children to begin to immerse themselves in the pleasures of reading. # santjordiBCN2017 @ferialibromad @firallibrevlc @ferialibrograna