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December is the most special month to enjoy Winter in Barcelona

Besides all the usual reasons to visit the beautiful and eclectic city of Barcelona, winter months are even more appealing with a variety of events in their schedule, reuniting thousands of people in the streets. Additionally, particularly during December, street lights decorations make for an even merrier atmosphere, putting us all in a lovely Christmas mood. Undoubtedly, this is the best time of the year to visit the city and find a cheap hotel near Barcelona, conveniently making the most of our budget during our getaway to this marvellous place. Barcelona easily conquers the heart of all visitors who put their feet on its streets.


Sporting events in December

There’s a wide range of events during December you can enjoy in Barcelona, particularly those which are sports-related. If you would like to exercise a little in good company, you can start by visiting the hills of the renowned Montjuïc on December 21st. There you can take part in a sporting event called “Buff Epic Run”, which is an 8 kilometres long obstacle course, gathering about 3,500 participants. On the other hand, hundreds of swimmers join the Travesía de Navidad, a traditional swimming event taking place in the port of Barcelona. If you enjoy water sports, this could be the perfect opportunity to start planning your getaway to one of the cheap hotels near Barcelona, and experience a true sporting competition which dates back to 1908.


A true Christmas experience in Barcelona

The capital city of Catalonia started getting dressed for Christmas during the last week of November, with the representation of a real-sized Nativity scene at the Sant Jaume Square, which recreates the Roman city of Barcino this year. It was quite an event for both locals and tourists, vastly immortalised in the photographs of the many attendees. Another special reason for finding a cheap hotel near Barcelona and spending a few days in the city are the New Year’s Eve parties celebrated all over the streets and neighbourhoods. Suiting everyone’s tastes and budgets, there is also the possibility of eating the grapes at the Cataluña Square, which has become a real tradition to welcome the new year. You can also visit the Christmas market Fira de Santa Llucía at the Cathedral Square.


Winter cuisine, recipes that will conquer your palate forever

There is a wide range of typical winter recipes you will find in Barcelona, each of them telling their own story and tradition. It is, without doubt, another element to keep in mind when you’re immersing yourself in the captivating culture of the area. For example, the well-known "Sopa de galets", made with pasta in the shape of a snail called “galets”, meat and vegetables, is the first course in the traditional Christmas menu. Another typical recipe is "Suquet de peix", a saffron sauce based dish, originally from Tarragona, where fishermen used this sauce to season the fish, a tradition which continues to this day. For those who enjoy dessert more, winter season is the ideal time to find a cheap hotel near Barcelona and sample all the delicious recipes of this city. Typical Christmas Turrón, roasted chestnuts, rosquillas de vino (a type of pastry made with wine), churros with chocolate, or marzipan. And now that we told you about everything you can do this winter, what are you waiting for to book a room in one of our hotels in Barcelona and visit the city in December?