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Discover the Fuencarral Street in Madrid

Fuencarral. A name that doesn’t leave anyone indifferent upon hearing it. We all have heard about this legendary street in the heart of Madrid at least once in our lives. Nowadays it is home to many stores and shops of famous fashion brands, however, it wasn’t always so. With a great historical past at its back, it’s been a benchmark street for the underground scene since the late 90s. If you wanted to stand out over the masses, you went to the legendary Fuencarral Market. This summer it is closing its doors forever, putting an end to yet another period in the history of Madrid. This centric spot also saw a noted crime happen at the Fuencarral Street back in 1888. These are but a few events that helped to shape this lively place, now with a vibrant commercial life to get lost in. Would you like to come and stay in our hotel in the centre of Madrid to discover it?


Commercial hustle and bustle all along Fuencarral Street

There is an incredible variety of stores all along the Fuencarral street, comprehending a kilometre and a half of Madrilenian buildings, going through Chueca, Malasaña and Chamberí neighbourhoods. It received this name because back in the old days it was the street connecting the villa of Madrid with what was formerly known as the Fuencarral village. Nowadays, most renowned fashion brands are situated at the Fuencarral street, making our hotel in the centre of Madrid the ideal place to stay. Here you will find yourself surrounded by establishments like Swarovski, Camper, L’Oreal, La Casa del Libro, Hoss Intropia, Mango, Michael Kors, Quiksilver, Diesel, Women’Secret, El Ganso, Oysho, Massimo Dutti, Parfois, Sfera, Kling, and Tiger, amongst many others. There also are a wide range of lovely spots to have some tapas or enjoy a few drinks at a cocktail bar. Fusion cuisine and typical cafés coexist peacefully all along the street. Enjoy a wide array of options if you choose to stay for a few days in a hotel in the centre of Madrid.



The legendary Fuencarral Market closes its doors

“A shopping centre for people who don’t like shopping centres” was how this initiative defined itself in its origins. Nevertheless, on July 25th it will open its doors for the last time. Due to the area’s opening to the big brands, to quote the main promoter “This project has come to an end.”. So, if you would like to enjoy the chance to see the heart of the underground trends, you should book a hotel in the centre of Madrid now before it’s too late, and get lost amongst all these small alternative shops. Back in 1998 on the occasion of its inauguration, this area experienced a great influx of modernism. This alternative proposal offered things which were a widespread sensation in other great capital cities. Skaters, electro kids, mods, and rockers found their home at Fuencarral, a place where individuals found like-minded urban tribes.


The crime that shaped the “Events” news section in the newspapers

The murder of a widow by the name of Luciana Borcino sparked a big scandal in 1888. She was found dead at her house, her body having been repeatedly stabbed and partially burnt. Borcino’s maid was found unconscious in the kitchen next to the drugged house dog. She was arrested and blamed for the crime. During the trial, the maid changed her version of the events five times. In the end she was sentenced to death by garrotte, making this the last public execution in the history of Spain. However, the mystery remains unsolved and continues to foster curiosities, due to its many unanswered loose ends. This homicide case achieved major media coverage, creating what would become a permanent column in the news dedicated to “Events”. It is certainly an intriguing chapter in the Spanish history for everyone who would like to know more about the past of our country. In spite of all, present-day tiles of this pedestrian street have nothing to do with those which witnessed such a tragic event. Now buildings are rising majestically on both sides of the legendary Fuencarral street in Madrid, proudly displaying their might as the perfect place to go shopping and one of the best places to visit in the capital city. It’s the perfect place if you choose to stay in a hotel in the centre of Madrid and enjoy its vibrant activity.