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Discover the surrounding areas of Barcelona

Year after year thousands of travellers choose Barcelona as their holiday destination. It’s not in vain Catalonia is so popular, offering the perfect mixture of culture, shopping, stunning beaches and a Mediterranean lifestyle. However, even with such a winning combination, it has much more to offer, for the surroundings of the metropolis are equally charming. Discover the incredible scenery, landscapes and bewitching municipalities by staying in a low cost hotel near Barcelona.  Get to know the famous Montserrat mountain range, the incredible natural settings of Delta del Llobregat, municipalities like Granollers or Girona, alongside special spots like the Gaudí Crypt in the Güell Colony.


Place of interest and natural beauty: Delta del Llobregat

The natural area of Delta del Llobregat covers a total area of 97 square kilometres, spanning 8 municipalities: Barcelona, L’Hospitalet, Cornellà, El Prat, Viladecans, Sant Boi, Gavà and Castelldefels. Here all lovers of nature will find a spectacular landscape ruled by marshes and naturally formed salt-water lagoons. This place can be visited during any time of the year by way of two parcial natural reserves: Ricarda-Ca l’Arana and Remolar-Filipines. The access to Ricarda-Ca l’Arana is restricted, but it’s perfect for a bicycle ride. The other one, Remolar-Filipines has specially marked routes and posts specially designed for bird-sighting.


Montserrat mountain range

This mountain range of rocky peaks is one of the most symbolic places in Barcelona. The inhabitants of the region have a special place in their heart for Montserrat due to its status as a cultural, religious, and spiritual point of reference (The Montserrat Monastery is situated at the very top). The image of La Moreneta (Virgin of Montserrat) is quite an icon inside the walls of this Benidictine Temple. Its natural surroundings are of great value to the area as well, so make sure you mark this place as “must-visit” in your route and stay in a low cost hotel near Barcelona.


Granollers: a town with a great historic heritage

If you’re in the area, Granollers is another must-see place, with its building of La Porxada (built in 1686 as a grain market) being the most emblematic spot. El Corredor and El Montnegre mountains make for an incredible background, such a gorgeous landscape to delight one’s eyes! Moreover, if you choose to stay in a hotel in Granollers, it’s highly recommended to visit the remains of the old city walls, the Granollers Museum, the Town Hall building, and the Church of Sant Esteve. Additionally, you can add to your tour the Sant Domènec Hospital to admire its architecture and Can Torrebadella. The Natural Sciences Museum also makes for an interesting visit in your cultural schedule.


The Gaudí Crypt in the Güell Colony

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2005, The Gaudí Crypt was the architect’s test-lab. Here Gaudí created solutions which he applied to other projects like the Sagrada Familia Cathedral. There once was a church in the works at the textile colony Güell, but only the crypt and the entrance door were ever finished. Nevertheless, its intense symbolism and its connection to nature make for a unique construction and a must-see place if you stay in a low cost hotel near Barcelona.


Girona: nature, history and gastronomy

Capital city of the Gironés comarca (or county). Rivers like Ter, Güell, Galligants and Oñar run through this area. Girona also boasts extensive vegetation, shaped by mountain massifs like Les Gavarres, The Sant Daniel Valley, and The Sant Miquel Mount. These natural spots are interspersed with numerous rivers and forests, of strikingly beautiful scenery. Find your hotel in Girona and discover the most emblematic corners of the city, its culture and history are here to offer you a unique experience. Places like Força Vella and Ensanche Medieval will transport you to the 14th and 15th centuries. Additionally, Girona has a diverse gastronomy lead by Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine, as well as cuisine d’auteur, ready to conquer the most exquisite palates. Immerse yourself into this magnificent tour, book a low cost hotel near Barcelona, and discover the wonders of its surroundings.