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Easter family holidays in Spain

Looking at the calendar with anticipation, we are eagerly awaiting for this moment to finally arrive. We know you know what we are talking about: Easter holidays are almost upon us! This month both parents and kids can boast having some time off, which is why it is the perfect moment to start thinking about going on some fun-packed family holidays. There are so many varied options to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one proposal: hiking routes to enjoy nature, get to know a new city and immerse oneself into its culture and history, or to experience the adrenaline rush of sports, amongst many others. All of these alternatives are equally great, so why don’t you ring your family members and set a day to decide your travel destination together? A word of advice: if you choose a cheap hotel in Granada, Valencia, Girona, Albacete or Barcelona in Spain, you needn’t worry about the budget. So, are you ready for your next adventure? 


Family holidays: a few things to keep in mind

It is perfectly understandable when many parents can't help but throw their arms up in horror when they are thinking of all the things they need to organise for a family trip. It is true we need to be on top of so many things at once, like not getting carried away with the luggage, or finding someone to take care of the pets while we’re away, amongst many other important details. Fear not, however, for you will find the answers in the balance, proper planning and organisation. It is fundamental to learn how to simplify our luggage, something we are certain you can do too, even if you’re travelling with your kids. Be aware that, no matter where you go, you will always have everything you need at your disposal. You can always walk into a shop to buy something you need, but forgot o chose not to bring along. As for the pets issue, if you decide to go on a family holiday to Spain, and you’re leaving your pets at home, you can always ask someone you trust to feed them and check up on them while you are away. It can be one of your neighbours, another family member or a friend, somebody who won’t mind going over to your house a few times and taking care of your pets' needs. We are certain you already have someone in mind that will be happy to help you out. Have you considered taking advantage of these short family holidays to invite the grandparents as well? This year’s Easter holidays could be the perfect moment to do so. This way both kids and grandparents will enjoy a change of airs and being surrounded by the pleasantness of nature. If you choose a cheap hotel in Valencia, Barcelona, Albacete or any other beautiful Spanish city, your budget will not be an issue, and you will enjoy some quality time together with your family members.


So many possible destinations you will have a hard time choosing just one

There are so many marvellous destinations which would be perfect for your family holiday in Spain! So many interesting cities and spots, it will indeed be a hard pick. To go to Granada and visit its legendary Alhambra Palace, the Sierra Nevada mountain range, or sample tapas and get lost in the Jewish quarter? Or perhaps you'd like to book a cheap hotel in Albacete and visit the Cutlery Museum, its parks and the surrounding charming towns? There is also the option of visiting the big capital cities, namely Madrid or Barcelona, and taking advantage of their bustling cultural programme, with museums, educational workshops for kids, musicals, or fantastic shopping possibilities. Regardless of the destination of your choice, it will be perfect for your family holidays and it will welcome you with its hands open. Take some time to check out all the events taking place during your stay in a particular city, to plan in advance whether you will be able to do something interesting, like seeing a play or a concert. It would also be a good idea to find out the opening hours during holidays of the museums, amusement parks or any other facilities you’re interested in visiting, to avoid yourself the unpleasant surprise of arriving to closed doors. These are, of course, just some of the many recommendations we can give you for your family holidays in Spain. So, what are you waiting for to book your accommodation in the family friendly Sidorme hotels and spend your Easter holidays with us enjoying our most comfortable facilities?