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At B&B Hotels we want you to live with us one of the oldest and deepest traditions in our country. Go to any of our destinations and participate in a unique and peculiar celebration.



One characteristic for Easter is how to live according to the city where we are. Hellin (Albacete) is known for it's popular Tamborada, where the sound of 20,000 drums flood the streets on Holy Thursday´s night. The ideal option is booking a hotel in Albacete,, as Hellin is located only 50 min away, which will allow us know the City of Cutlery and complete our trip with a cultural route through Castilla La Mancha. If we decide, instead, to choose Andalusia, why don't we decide booking a hotel in Granada? Neighborhoods like Albayzin and Sacromonte leave us unique and unforgettable images. On Holy Wednesday, The famous Christ of the Gypsies will thrill you, accompanied by bonfires it will return to the Abbey of Sacromonte,a magical place to see this procession with history. On Holy Thursday, Granada will be silent. The procession `El Silencio´ will walk through the streets at 12 o'clock in the evening



If you want to live a different Easter week, choose a hotel in Valencia and know it´s Marinera´s Easter week, recognized as National Tourist Interest since 2011, it was born by the sea and started with fishermen and sailors. The district of Poblats Marítims, made up of the Neighborhoods like Cabanyal, Canyamelar and Grao, becomes the scene of one of the most characteristic religious celebrations of the city. Three stand out processions at Marinera´s Easter week: - The Tamborada, on Holy Thursday. The sound of drums fills the air for one of the most important days for those who celebrate Easter. - Holy Burial, on Friday, the summit act. The silence and recollection of the confraternities surrounds this procession. - Parade, Easter Sunday, a multicolored celebration for the Resurrection of the Lord From Saturday morning till Easter Sunday, at Gloria´s night, you can see "Trenca dels perols" where people throw water and old crockery from their balconies, as a symbol for changing the old for new. If you haven't planned your trip yet, book your favorite hotel in Valencia and enjoy the different customs and gastronomy of a city, which will not leave you indifferent.


A TRIP TO THE MIDDLE AGES: Verges -Cataluña-

If instead, you´ve decided to plan your trip around Catalonia, don´t miss the Dance of Death in the municipality of Verges, Girona. This macabre dance is composed of 5 skeletons dancing to the sound of the drum and accompanied by four other characters, who carry torches, trying to send us the message emphasising no one is exempt from death and at any time it can become ashes. Don´t miss this dance, unique in Europe. Book a budget hotel in Girona and enjoy a different tradition.



As a last recommendation, you can't go back home without trying some typical sweets of this date, especially if you're a gastronomic lover. In Catalonia and Levante you must try the ´Mona de Pascua´, a typical dessert that traditionally godfathers gave to their godchildren. In Andalusia, the recipe for French toast, fried fritters donuts is passed from generation to generation and gets families together for the elaboration of these well-known sweets.

We hope all these tips will help you plan your trip on Easter.

At B&B HOTELS we are waiting for you!

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