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Enjoy Fallas 2016 in Valencia

Fallas 2016 are almost upon us, and this is the perfect moment to thoroughly enjoy this renowned festivity. If you’ve never experienced one of the largest celebrations in the region of Valencia, all the more reason you should not miss out on this date with the fire. Witness a cathartic show, taking place on the night of March 19th, also known as “Nit de la Cremà”, which could be translated from Valencian as “The Night of the Cremation”. Nevertheless, in case you didn't know, that’s just the highest peak of the festivity, which is preceded by days filled with “mascletàs” (firecrackers), flower offerings, as well as many other acts. Even if only for the sake of visiting Valencia to look at the majestic Fallas monuments, it is worth booking a cheap hotel in Valencia, and allowing yourself to let go and enjoy the great party of the Valencian people. It officially starts on March 15th, so do not hesitate any longer: it’s the perfect proposal regardless of your circumstances: to have the time of your life with friends, to come with your partner and get to know the city and the festivity: or to come with kids, whose breath will undoubtedly be taken away by the Fallas and their fire. Are you ready to have some fun? Well then, let’s start, shall we?

What to see during Fallas in Valencia

The city of Valencia dresses up for the occasion and its streets fill up with light, competing amongst each other for the “Best Light Display” prize. March nights have a pleasant temperature, perfect for strolling by the Valencian street maze to enjoy these gorgeous decorations. You can take advantage of this stroll to check out the different Fallas monuments standing tall all over the city as well. We also recommend you to repeat this little tour in broad daylight, to properly appreciate the beauty of these statues in all their glory. Additionally, we recommend you to experience the mascletàs -which are an impressive pyrotechnical show- especially if you’re a lover of gunpowder. This loud display takes place at the City Council square every day at 2pm. However, make sure you check the programme to see any additional information, which you may find of interest during your stay in a cheap hotel in Valencia. At night you will be able to see the fireworks thrown from La Alameda at 12am between the days of March 15 and 18. Obviously we cannot leave out the bonfire night itself out of our “what to see during Fallas” list. If you stay in a cheap hotel in Valencia, you will be witness to this ancient tradition of the region, which consists of the Fallas statues being cremated on the night of March 19th. The cremation typically starts around 10pm, with the kids’ Fallas monuments, and from 12am onwards it's the turn for the big ones.

Concerts, markets and foodtrucks

Live music performances are another marvellous incentive to book your accommodation in a cheap hotel in Valencia and enjoy this large-scale celebration. This year’s concerts will be taking place at the Jardines de Viveros (Garden Centres) on March 11th, and will be accompanied by foodtrucks (the latest trend of food in trucks or specially adapted minivans), markets, and other activities. Bands like Maldita Nerea or Efecto pasillo are part of this festive line-up. Moreover, this area has plenty of other attractions, like the pop-up shops and various art proposals. Undoubtedly, it's a great occasion for everyone who would like to get familiar with the alternative side of the Fallas. The entry is free in one part of the venue, but if you want to see the show, you will need to present 14 labels of the Amstel beer, the brand sponsoring and giving the name to the event: Amstel Fest Valencia.

Book your room in a cheap hotel in Valencia and experience the Fallas festivals

If we have managed to convince you to come and get to know the city during its year's highest peak, do not hesitate any longer. Take a few days off and immerse yourself in this wonderful experience. Sidorme provides you with the possibility to choose a cheap hotel in Valencia, designing a low cost trip, ready to suit all budgets. Are you ready to enjoy yourself?