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Enjoy nature in its purest form in Girona

Travellers who love nature and are looking to get away from the loudness and pollution of the big cities to enjoy fresh mountain air, will find Catalonia to be the ideal destination with the perfect settings for their holidays. If this is your kind of getaway as well, consider the irresistible attraction of the region of Girona for a few days of rest or an activity-packed weekend. Discover the perfect surroundings for hiking enthusiasts, outdoor sports lovers, or just for spending a few days undisturbed, marvelling in the strikingly beautiful landscapes and views.

 If you like this idea and choose to set your course to Catalonia, a cheap hotel in Girona is ready to offer you a whole lot of possibilities, allowing you to enjoy a different kind of holidays, and to make the most out of all these amazing alternatives. This gorgeous area of Spain boasts having the perfect combination of mountains and sea, which not only is a total pleasure to look at, but is also a fantastic location for all kinds of activities suitable for all ages.


The challenging but magical location of El Monte de Cadiretes

We’re off to an intense start: the most adventurous visitors can pick up a map and challenge their strength with a few interesting hiking routes, and one of the most distinctive ones is the ascension to the so-called Monte de Cadiretes. Nevertheless, don’t let the words “challenging” and “adventurous” scare you. It’s perfectly apt for all ages and it offers hikers a unique opportunity to enjoy a one hundred percent natural experience, rewarding everyone who chooses to come with privileged views of Montnegre or Guilleries. Once we’re back from our journey, a good option is to take a good rest to recharge your energy sampling the delicious cuisine of the area, whilst enjoying slightly more metropolitan settings. The city of Girona itself has plenty of sites with a cultural and historical heritage, with attractive key points like El Paseo de la Muralla, the University, the Arab Baths, or the Agullana Palace. It’s a tempting proposal, making for a light and fun evening walk.


And after fully recharging your batteries in a cheap hotel in Girona...

The list of stunning places to visit in the region of Girona is dominated by a green colour. Immerse yourself in another route where nature will be your faithful companion. Load your backpack with tasty and energising food, put on your most comfortable shoes and get ready for an excursion to the Santuario de los Ángeles (Sanctuary of the Angels). It’s an excellent route to enjoy in the company of your partner, your friends, or your family, walking amongst holm oaks and following charming paths. It’s little to no effort compared to the reward of witnessing the most authentic history and heritage of the area with constructions like the Castle of San Miguel, the Bisbe Fountain, or the panoramic view from El Olivet. To round off this list of must-see spots in the region of Girona we would like to add an excursion to Monte de la Banya del Boc. It’ll be particularly interesting for those who have a fascination for volcanoes, for this is exactly where you can find the volcano of La Crosa, situated in the plains of Sant Joan.


A bicycle route following the old railway tracks

If you would like to continue discovering the wonderful places of Girona, there is another interesting route, which can be done on foot or on a bicycle, following the old railway tracks. This medium-intensity route goes by the attractive comarcas (counties) of la Garrotxa and El Gironés, and we recommend you to stop by to see Sant Julià del Llor i Bonmatí old station, or the bridge of the Ter river. A variety of options for a getaway aimed at recharging your energy and breaking off of the routine. Sidorme offers the best hotels, where quality, good location and tempting prices are guaranteed.