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Exploring the art of the ‘Seicento’ in Madrid

The capital city of Spain is a well-known point of convergence for lovers of art and cultural tourism. Given its vast number of museums and exhibitions, Madrid has become a rather tough competitor amongst other renowned international cities. And it is due to the many great exhibitions, like the upcoming ‘Seicento’ in the Palacio Real (The Royal Palace of Madrid), which has been put together in order to give homage to the most celebrated Baroque Italian artists of the 17th century. This cultural proposal is the perfect alternative for travellers who are planning on making a getaway to the region of Madrid some time from June onwards. It is, without doubt, a truly special occasion to enjoy art and the atmosphere of this unique city, with a comfortable stay in a hotel in the centre of Madrid.


The bewitchement of Caravaggio has arrived to the Palacio Real facilities

The exhibition, under the full name of “The century of Caravaggio. Masterpieces of the ‘Seicento’ in the Royal Collections” will open to the public from June 1st to September 21st of 2016. These are the ideal months for planning a different kind of a trip to Madrid, in the company of your friends, your partner or your whole family, especially if you would like to initiate the youngest in the history of art in a fun and entertaining way. The Palacio Real is an emblematic place situated in the city centre, and its facilities will be welcoming this collection of paintings and sculptures of the highest level. A carefully selected number of art pieces have arrived to Madrid, and their added appeal is that, for most part, these works have never been displayed to a wider audience. Such an incentive turns this event into an even more exclusive and tempting visit for all lovers of cultural tourism.


First-rate art, entertainment and the comfortable facilities of a hotel in the centre of Madrid

If you’ve set your mind on visitng this exquisite exhibition, it’s important to keep everything under control and choose a good hotel in the centre of Madrid that will allow you to move around the city hassle-free. Once this has been decided, the next step is to study the plentiful offer of culinary options and the many places of interest available in the city. Elaborating a simple, but effective planning will contribute to making this getaway truly special and memorable. This incredibly wide range of possibilities includes traditional Madrilenian cuisine and sweets, strolls by the many attractive green areas, internationally renowned monuments; or the most exclusive shopping establishments, offering modern and vintage products.


A walk by the best works of the Seicento

After refilling your energy and resting your mind exploring the vastness of Madrid, it is time to return to the exhibition and continue delighting in its many works of art. The many distinguished artists selected for this occasion make for the perfect representation of the grandeur of the Baroque era. Enjoy the greatest names of the painting and sculpting disciplines, like Caravaggio -the most representative figure of the era- whose popular creations, namely “Beheading of St. John the Baptist”, will not fail to surprise visitors of the exhibition. Caravaggio is the guiding thread of this exhibition, which is starred by the aforementioned painting. This illustrious work of art will be on display amongst many other extraordinary paintings and sculptures made by other talented artists of the height of Ribera, Bernini, Maratta, Reni, Carracci, Romanelli, Algardi, Raggi or Giambologna, amongst others. Get ready for this once in a lifetime opportunity to discover the mysteries and the talent of the Seicento with Sidorme, and enjoy the most comfortable hotels in Madrid.