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Fallas 2014. Come and enjoy with us!

The "Despertà" of last Sunday was the kick-off for the great Valencian party. With the joy of the bands filling the streets of our city with their music, the first "Mascletà" in Plaza del Ayuntamiento, and in the evening the " Cridà ", which marked the official start of the Fallas with the opening of the official program by the Fallera Mayor at the Torres de Serranos. March 1st  begins in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento the traditional dailies "Mascletàs" (every day at 14.00 pm) And on Sunday the 2nd, at 17.00h. we will enjoy the "Cavalcade of Ninot ". To experience the atmosphere of the city before the "Plantá" of the Fallas monuments the best time is the weekend of March 8th: the first pieces and bases of the sculptures can already be seen scattered throughout the city. Everything must be ready for the date! Apart from the daily amazing "Mascletà" fired in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, this weekend we would also enjoy the colorful "Mascletà Color " that will light the sky on Saturday night to Sunday at 00hrs.


March 15th is the night of the "Plantá" of the Fallas: the artists finalize the details for the Fallas and let everything ready for the next day, when the Commission of the Central Fallas Board goes through the city to award the prizes to the best and most ingenious monuments. During the 17th and 18th the center of the city remains with limited traffic and the Casales Falleros do their parade from its origin to reach the Plaza de la Virgen to cover with flowers the mantle of the Virgen de los Desamparados, it’s called the "Ofrenda “. From 15th to 18th the best firework masters dress up and grace the sky of the city with its innovative technologies in the art of gunpowder. Those fantastic "Castles Fireworks" will be  fired each night from the old riverbed Turia Paseo de la Alameda.


Finally comes the 19th, and the Fallera Mayor will set fire with sadness to the fuse that will kick off the " Nit del Foc ". The city is on fire and everything vanishes in minutes between emotions and memories of all lived … Four days of gunpowder, thrilling party and fire. In addition to touring the city we encourage you to recover the energies in the traditional stalls with a hot chocolate accompanied with churros and pumpkin buñuelos. From 19,20 €/person per day you can come spend the holidays with us. Are you going to miss it? Check here our rates, and book now!


CONNECTION OF OUR HOTEL WITH THE CENTER OF THE CITY By underground The closest metro Stations to our hotel are Santa Rita and Fte. del Jarro (Line 1). You should take the train towards Valencia or Torrent Avinguda Sud. At Angel Guimerá station you should make a transfer to Line 3 direction Rafelbunyol or Line 5 direction Maritime Serrería. You can get out ot of the metro at Columbus or Xativa which are the most centric Stations. Another option is to leave the underground at Plaza de España and walk a few minutes to get to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, the heart of the city. To reach the hotel from Valencia center (Xativa Station) you can take Line 3 or Line 5. You need to make a transfer to Line 1 at Angel Guimerá Station direction Lliria.

Lines 3 and 5 stops every 10-15 minutes, and Line 1 every 20-25 minutes. To travel by underground from the Hotel to anywhere in Valencia City you'll need a voucher AB area. If you're going to make enough journeys, we suggest purchasing a bonometro of 10 trips, that costs approximately 10.40€ . You can also have the option to purchase a single ticket for the AB area for 2.10€, or a round trip ticket for 4€.


By bus The nearest bus Line to our hotel is the 140b, which covers the Paterna- Valencia- the Plantation course. Just in front of our Hotel, on the street LLiria City s/n you will find the nearest Bus Stop, which is called' Industrial Fuente del Jarro- Local Police' To go downtown, you will have to leave the bus at 'Angel Guimerá -GV. Fernando el Católico Stop'. And if you want to return to the hotel, the journey is the reverse. To use the Metrobus we recommend buying a single ticket, since the other option is to buy a monthly pass.

By car Drive your car to the entrance of Valencia (we recommend you to leave it near the Palacio de Congresos, because in that area there is usually place for parking) and Beniferri stop taking the subway to get around the center of Valencia.

If you need any clarification, do not hesitate to contact us. From Valencia Airport&Feria Sidorme we invite you to enjoy these amazing holiday at the best price! Find all the information about the Fallas at, make your plan and book with us, we have the best rates!