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Fallas 2017: enjoy with us

The scent of the nearest spring awakens us one of the most attractive celebrations in the Mediterranean Spain, The Fallas* It makes Valencia one of the most mandatory destinations for all the people who want to feel the complete tradition associated with The Fallas. The Smoke, the gunpowder scent, the lights, the colorful ambiance and the joy are gathered in the whole March, not only during The Fallas date. You can verify it throughout our two hotels in the city of Valencia, B&B Valencia City Science and B&B Valencia Airport. In 2017 the celebration achieves a special isseu as it´s the first year The Fallas becomes as a full member of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.



The main events are concentrated between March 15th and March 19th. Although, for those who can´t go to the Mediterranean Sea during that dates, the events will be happening along the month. The first event wil be The Crida. It´s a crowded meeting at the foot of Torres de Serranos, a hundred-year-old towers where the Fallas Queen demands to the thousands of people assembled there to spread joy and to be prepared for the big event. Sunday 26 February is the starting point for all kinds of events, including the famous mascletás, which every day, punctually at 2 pm, bring to the Town Hall Square its excessive but unforgettable roar. The traveler who comes to Valencia in those days can enjoy it. On previous weekends, also, the noise will be mixed with the color of fireworks near the River Turia.



Gradually, the spectacular effort to raise ephemeral monuments is taking over the city. Days before the official date of “la plantá”, the first ninots can be seen on the streets, prelude to a party that also has an important musical component, where there is passacaglia musics and hundreds of bands from different places. The previous days are perfect for walking through the illuminated streets, real works of art that every year have more prominence. The Russafa neighborhood, very close to our B&B Hotel Ciudad de las Ciencias, is the true epicentre with numerous streets competing for being the most spectacular, the most beautiful.

For the most daring, the big dates are between the 16th and the 19th of March. An intense journey that starts with a good breakfast integrated with buñuelos and chocolate in any of the early open despertàs and culminate with a festival that take us directly to the next day between gunpowder, music and incipient scent of spring escaping from the first orange blossoms.

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*Fallas is the name given to the huge papier-mâché, cardboard and wooden sculptures depicting politicians and other well-known public figures which, between a deafening display of fireworks, are put on bonfires and set alight by members of competing groups, or falleros, who had spent the previous year creating and building them. Only the best voted sculpture escapes the flames.