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Free high speed Wi-Fi. Essential in the XXI century

Those were different days when we could contact to our family or friends via SMS (only if we had a mobile phone) or by phoning landline home. Also, we have left behind those years when we could only access to the network through the desktop computer that we had at home or in our workplace. Not many years ago we accepted as enough the news at the newscasts or newspapers. Fortunately, times have changed ... and thanks to the latest technologies we can access to all kind of information, and our workspaces wherever we are and contact our social circles at any time.


However, to perform all these activities it’s necessary to have Internet access and network capacity, which in many cases costs money or is limited by our phone companies. This is the main reason why we often look for Free Wi-Fi zones to be online as much time as possible. If even the UN had declared Internet access a human right! At B&B Hotels we have Wi-Fi so you can stay connected anywhere in the hotel. And, you know what is the best? This is a service that we make available for free, because we want you to feel complete freedom when browsing the net without cost or limitation. Your wallet will thank you! The Wi-Fi is essential for anyone who is travelling: the leisure tourist and the business person who stays in a hotel, especially at the rooms and at the work spaces. That is something that we have learned from those who are part of the spirit Sidorme, those who came and stay for long or short periods, those who need to be connected for work or leisure. We all agree that we want a quality Wi-Fi conection. You too, right?


Because time is money, we are increasing the speed of navigation in all our hotels, 35 MB, 100MB and up to 300MB, so you do not despair while the web page you’re visiting is loading ;) In fact, high speed Wi-Fi access is already available in our hotels in Viladecans, Girona and Albacete ... here you can experience the feeling of flying through the internet!

...And there's more ... do you know what is MiFi? It is a portable router that uses a SIM card to connect anywhere to the internet from any device that has Wi-Fi, and also allows to connect several devices to the net at the same time. Your Wi-Fi outside the hotel, on your journeys for leisure or work. This technology is now available in our hotels in Granada and Viladecans.

We hope that for your next journey you plan to stay with us and enjoy our FREE HIGH SPEED Wi-Fi service. Meanwhile we can remain connected through our social profiles, where you can continue knowing everything about our latest news and offers, as we are at your service 24 hours.

Jorge Fernández Reception Department - Hotel Sidorme Valencia