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Fun and breathtaking views at the Tibidabo Amusement Park in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city with a great variety of attractions, and the Tibidabo Park is certainly one of them. It’s an emblematic place with a hundred years’ history at its back filled with magic and fun, with the added appeal of incredible views of the city. Here you will be able to enjoy legendary, over a century-old rides, new generation rides, and a catering area with a variety of restaurants and cafeterias; and, most importantly, El Camí del Cel, a promenade boasting the best views of Barcelona. Enjoy this perfect combination of activities by spending your holidays with kids in Barcelona. Your children will love the fun rides, while the adults can enjoy the spectacular natural landscape. The Tibidabo Amusement Park it’s much more than just a place for fun and release of adrenaline: we are also talking about a historical place situated in a unique enclave. The Tibidabo Park is the oldest functioning park in Spain and the third-oldest in Europe, making for an even more incredible experience if you choose to spend your day visiting it. It has a variety of restaurants where you will be able to stop for a bite and rest before continuing with your hectic day.


A great amount of new and historical rides

The Tibidabo Amusement Park is a brilliant choice if you’re spending your holidays with kids. At this place you will be able to show them the value of history and show them things they’ve never seen before, which will undoubtedly fascinate them. Moreover, your children will have a great time all along the six levels filled with rides. The lowest level houses a rollercoaster, alongside The Mysterious Castle or the Tibidabo Express, amongst others. The Dididado area offers you the chance to enjoy movies in 4D, as well as the Diábolo ride or the elastic beds. A little higher you will find the Crash Cars, the legendary Plaça dels Somnis (The Dreams Square), and El Camí del Cel.


El Camí del Cel of Tibidabo

Located at 500 metres above the city, El Camí del Cel has a great variety of attractions and rides. The entrance is free; however, if you want to participate in the activities or to enjoy the rides, you will have to pay for an individual ticket for each of the rides, or buy a wristband granting you the access to any of them. Here you will be able to enjoy the legendary hall of trick mirrors with curved glass, which was the first of its kind in Spain. Nowadays it includes new technologies for an even more interesting experience. You will also have the opportunity to visit El Almacén de las brujas y hechiceros (The Witches’ and the Sorcerers’ Storehouse), El Avión (The Plane) dating back to 1928, the Carrousel or La Talaya. All these activities are ideal if you’re planning your holidays with kids. Another must-see place is the Automatons Museum. Since the amusement park’s opening in 1901 it’s been importing different automatons and automatic machines from several European countries. The oldest piece in its collection is El Payaso Mandolinista, a clown with a mandolin, dating back to 1880. Besides, el Camí del Cel is a marvellous place with overlooks and it is surrounded by the woods, with lovely roads to get lost in. Not in vain Woody Allen chose these magical settings to film Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona, for it’s an authentic jewel of the Catalan capital city.


Tips for holidays with kids

Visiting an amusement park is a fun activity for both adults and children, offering the whole family the chance to have a really great time. It’s important that you don’t forget to bring your hats or caps and sunscreen, as well as to drink plenty of water. Carrying a backpack with all the things you need is a good idea in order to enjoy a fabulous day care-free. Now that we’ve told you more about the Tibidabo Amusement park, don’t wait any longer and spend some wonderful holidays with kids in Barcelona!