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Fun plans for holidays with kids in Granada

Being able to enjoy some quality time off in the company of our children is one of the greatest satisfactions we have in our lives, and we are certainly capable of a lot of things just to see them smile. For that reason, and because they will have the best time and learn lots, to plan a weekend getaway to Spain is a great idea. Of all the options and proposals you have at your disposal, some stand out above others. Today we would like to recommend you to book a cheap hotel in Granada to thoroughly enjoy everything this charming city is ready to give its visitors, like for example, a visit to the gardens of the Alhambra Palace; to be able to show them that many, many years ago things were diametrically different; or to take them to the Sierra Nevada mountain range to enjoy the last snow of the season and the wide range of fun outdoor activities. Nevertheless, that is not all: Granada and its surroundings have so much more to offer. Today we are going to dive into some of the best things to do in Granada if you’ve chosen the city as the destination for your holidays with kids.


Experience is the mother of science

Without doubt, if you’re going to travel with your family, it is always a great idea to allocate some of your time time to visiting an interesting museum, and if it has exhibition areas special for kids, all the better. When you book a cheap hotel in Granada, that’s a given, thanks to the city's Science Park, boasting over 70.000 square metres of exhibition space, displaying all kinds of incredibly interesting things. Here you can visit the Foucault Pendulum Building, combining mechanics, physics, chemistry and geology all in one place. The main rule? It is strictly forbidden NOT to touch. Interaction makes the learning and the education process much easier, allowing our kids to get to know about the biological diversity of our planet, to play with a gyroscope, to experiment the strength of the air, to see how their brains can be tricked through a series of games, or to visit a planetarium and see over 7,000 stars. These activities are all part of the varied programme offered in the facilities of the park. You can also visit the Macroscope area, which will teach them everything about the human body; the scientific and technological legacy of Al-Andalus, or find out about new technologies, innovation and art. Make sure you also take a look at the exterior areas, their green spaces and many more activities suitable for the whole family.

Karting races and multi-adventure activities

Another fantastic alternative if you’re going to spend a few days in a cheap hotel in Granada is to release some adrenaline at the steering wheel of a kart. You kids will absolutely love to feel like Formula 1 pilots for a little while. The best facilities to experience speed are also close at hand, those being Fórmula Karting of Granada. You can rent several vehicles in order to take the 300 metre-long circuit. One of its primary peculiarities, is that the tracks are indoor. It consists of two straight lines, curves of different degrees of difficulty, and a spectacular bridge. Moreover, it also registers the timing of all participants in the race with a chronometric system, which means no cheating! The Fun Park Multiaventura of Granada is yet another incredibly fun place to visit with your family. Here you will be able to put your skills to the test and to overcome your fears trying out the many different activities. Why choose only one place when you have all these excellent options? The best thing to do is to outline an itinerary contemplating them all. If you’ve chosen a cheap hotel in Granada, staying within the budget and spending some more money on leisure won’t be an issue. Are you ready to come?