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Gastrofestival 2016: discovering Madrid through its cuisine

It is a well-known fact that good food presents us with the opportunity to enjoy an explosion of flavours and nuances in our mouths. But what if this wonderful experience would also include the chance to admire, read, see, and feel it with all of our senses? And this is exactly what Gastrofestival 2016 is about: a mandatory date in the cultural schedule of the capital city of Spain, as well as the perfect occasion to book a hotel in the centre of Madrid to attend this fantastic event, on from January 23rd to February 7th.

As you can see, for the duration of these two weeks Madrid becomes the capital city of fine food, thanks to the celebration of the Gastrofestival 2016. Such a special appointment has established itself as one of the most important gastronomic events in Spain, celebrating its seventh edition this year. It’s not in vain visitors from all around the world and from other cities of Spain continue to book their flights, their train tickets and accommodation in the centre of Madrid until the very last few days, in order to be able to enjoy this fantastic opportunity. Gastrofestival 2016 gets the cuisine from the kitchens out to the streets, spreading its importance on to other areas like literature, art, cinema and music.


Eat up Madrid, a motto that brings together a wide range of different areas

Over 400 businesses and institutions of a wide range of areas, namely fashion, theatre, or photography will be inevitably touched by the influence of Spanish gastronomy and the Eat up Madrid motto. For the duration of these two weeks we will enjoy products and recipes as the foundation for a variety of theatre productions, as the primary object of representation in art, or even the main topic of various publications and films. Supported by the success of its previous editions, Gastrofestival 2016 is a magnificent chance to get to know the capital city of Spain from a different perspective by staying one of the B&B hotels in Madrid. It is a special occasion to discover its stores, its cultural centres, its markets, as well as other fashionable places, celebrating for the seventh year in a row this beautiful combination of gastronomy and culture in all of its glory. But let’s not forget that the cuisine is still the primary focus of the event, managing to put together an impressive list of over 300 participating bars and restaurants from all over the city. Amongst the varied programme of activities you will find Degustatapas, Nuestras Barras Favoritas con un Rioja (Our Favourite Bar Counters with a Rioja), or Cena con las Estrellas (Dinner with the Stars). The latter event brings renowned national and international chefs to the capital city, who will offer their cuisine to everyone in attendance. As a novelty, this year all menus are classified into Spanish cuisines, Cuisines from all around the world, and Fusion cuisine, the prices of which are up to 40 Euro. Additionally, there are other activities like La Ruta Golosa (The Sweet Tooth Route), for the most demanding palates; or La Ruta del Café de Colombia (The Colombian Coffee Route), with the collaboration of a variety of cocktail bars, cuisine schools, kitchenware stores, or Gourmet shops. Nobody wanted to miss out on the opportunity to take part in the Gastrofestival 2016 offering tastings, discounts, and accesible prices.


Parallel activities to Gastrofestival 2016

If you book a hotel in the centre of Madrid near the Chueca, Antón Martín, Lavapies, San Antón o Chamberí neihgbourhoods from January 23rd to February 7th, you will be able to enjoy other events and activities, namely Gastrocultura. We’re talking about the most artistic and cultural part of the Gastrofestival 2016, putting together galleries, museums, stores, bookshops, cultural centres, theatres and clubls, exhibitions, workshops... from the city centre of Madrid, in order to offer a wide range of cuisine-related activities, highlighting the undeniable influence of gastronomy in the Spanish culture. Other parallel activities to the Gastrofestival 2016 that are worth mentioning are Gastrofashion, enjoying the collaboration of renowned fashion houses and the trendiest restaurants of Madrid; Gastrosalud, offering a selection of healthy menus; and Enocultura, focusing on the world of the wine, with different tastings and workshops. As you can see, this is a unique occasion to travel to Madrid and to enjoy once again one of the most relevant and important aspects of the modern society: its gastronomy.