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Gastronomic experience in Valencia

We are quite certain that as soon as our dear readers saw the title of this post, their minds instantly skipped to that one particular word: paella. Even though Valencia is a land known worldwide for its rice specialities, this place has so much more to offer to its visitors if they’re keen on delving into the region’s delicious cuisine. Explore the various special dishes and their ancient recipes, which have conquered the palates of millions. Let’s see a few examples: gazpachos from the inland area of the region, based on wild meat; fresh fruit and vegetables from the Valencian vegetable garden; fresh fish and seafood arriving every day to La Lonja market; or the renowned horchata with fartons. All this and much, much more is what is waiting for you if you come to stay in a cheap hotel in Valencia. That’s right: by saving all this money on accommodation, you will be able to dedicate the bigger part of your budget to eating well and sampling the wonderful Mediterranean cuisine of the area. Because at the end of the day, it is the good experiences that are going to stay in our memories once we return home.


The great variety of rice dishes you can enjoy in Valencia

[caption id="attachment_1284" align="alignnone" width="1000"] Creative Commons by Feisty Tortilla[/caption] In spite of it being the classic of classics, it wouldn’t be fair to leave this specialty out of our list. It’s not in vain the Valencian Paella continues to triumph amongst locals and to conquer more and more foreigners year after year. If the purpose of your visit is to get in touch with the essence of the region, make sure you find a place using the most traditional recipe in the elaboration of paella. The ingredients should include: rice, rabbit meat, tomato, chicken and saffron of La Albufera. Moreover, it should be cooked on a fire burning orange tree wood. Other interesting variants worth a try are seafood paella, arroz a banda, black rice (cooked with the ink from a cuttlefish), arroz con costra (literally translated as rice with crust), or rice with vegetables. On the other hand, another dish of similar qualities is the fideuá, the origin of which is attributed to the town of Gandía. Its distinctive characteristic is that it uses number 3 noodles instead of rice in its elaboration. If you stay in a cheap hotel in Valencia, you will be able to enjoy a wide range of restaurants specialising in rice. There’s one particular establishment with a lot of character boasting over a century-old tradition, carrying the name of Pepica. Open since 1898, it’s attracted historic figures of the height of Ernest Hemingway, Ava Gardner, or Orson Welles. If you’re looking for a place where, besides having a good lunch or dinner, you will be able to enjoy nice views, then we recommend you to pay a visit to Duna, in El Saler, which has a stunning view of the Albufera. It’s an elegant place, the prices of which, however, go hand in hand with its status. Here you will be able to enjoy not only the distinguished Valencian rice dish, but also buñuelos con bacalao (fritters with cod fish), as well as a spectacular variety in dessert. Last, but not least, if you would like to visit the favourite establishment of local connoisseurs, have a meal at Rausell, a restaurant situated in the heart of the city of Valencia. Here the quality is guaranteed, and it’s not particularly expensive.


Fresh fish: the other exquisite star of the region

Not everything was going to be about rice, though. Another opportunity you shouldn’t miss out on is the fresh fish and seafood arriving to La Lonja market daily: tuna, hake, sole, octopus, cabut, sardines, red mullets, or monkfish, amongst many other varieties. These fish are used in the elaboration of sea specialties called sucs and suquets de peix. It is also highly recommended to try the cassolas or casseroles baked in the oven. They are made based on a mix of lightly fried tomato, chopped onions and garlic, on top of which go the slices of fresh fish. Here's a good plan for a relaxing day in town: go for a stroll to enjoy the marvellous view of the sea, pay a visit to the harbour, and make a stop at one of the many restaurants offering delicious recipes made of fresh fish. To round off your stay in a cheap hotel in Valencia, don’t forget to sweeten you trip with typical desserts of Valencia: aniseed rolls, horchata with fartons (protip: their season coincides with the arrival of good weather), custard, Fallas fritters, flan with cottage cheese, or leche merengada (a drink of cinnamon-flavoured milk). Are you ready to enjoy this incredible gastronomic experience? Book your cheap hotel in Valencia now, and get ready to sample all the typical dishes of the area.