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Going shopping in Granada

When we set our minds on booking a cheap hotel in Granada to spend a few days in this incredible city, most of the time our plans involve its cultural heritage, or a getaway to the Sierra Nevada mountain chain to enjoy the wonders of nature or a ski trip. Undoubtedly, these are two of the most popular proposals, standing out from all the varied possibilities this Andalusian city has to offer. However, its streets have many more secrets yet for you to discover. They can just as well be the great number of stores and shops where you can acquire objects looking like something brought in a time machine from a very distant past. And that is exactly what you will find in La Alcaicería, a place where craftsmanship and artisan products with a clear Arabian stroke will make you believe you are living a story from the One Thousand and One Nights book. On the opposite hand you will also find the latest trends in fashion in the establishments situated along the streets of the city centre: Mesones, Recogidas, San Antón, amongst many others. Would you like to find out everything Granada has to offer in terms of shopping? 


La Alcaicería: a journey to the Arab past of Andalusia

Situated between the Cathedral of Granada and the Reyes Católicos street, this area will transport you to the ancient times, reminding you of the Arab bazaars where traders and customers would bargain for the price of products in order to get the best possible deal. If you book a cheap hotel in Granada, you can’t miss out on the chance to immerse yourself in these little shops, and discover the traditional craftwork of the city and its most typical products. This marketplace’s history goes all the way back to several centuries ago, when it used to be called the Great Bazaar of Granada and the Nazareth silk market. It went from the Plaza Nueva (“New” Square) to the Bib-Rambla Square. One summer night, on July 19th 1843 a fire in a shop of matches in the Mesones Street burned everything down to ash. Nevertheless, nowadays we are still able to enjoy that same atmosphere that used to wash over this commercial area, thanks to the impeccable present-day reproduction. You can choose anything you like from the incredibly varied range of typical artisan products, and get a little something to remember this trip by: traditional pottery pieces, embroidery, blankets, shawls, Fajalauza ceramic, Grenadian lanterns, guitars, gold and silver-smithing works, Flamenco fashion, leather goods, marquetry, jarapas (typical textiles from La Alpujarra region) or Alfajar ceramic.


Well-known international brands in the centre of Granada

Dolores Promesas, Punt Roma, Jack & Jones, Intimissimi and many other international fashion houses are located in the Mesones street. It’s a must-visit area if you’re spending a few days in a cheap hotel in Granada and would like to enjoy some shopping during your stay in the city. Besides, it’s not just this one street where you will find your favourite fashion stores, for it covers a quite extensive area, where Recogidas, Alhóndiga, Puentezuelas, San Antón and Zacatín streets also boast fun stores like Ale-hop, selling the most diverse and peculiar objects; or trendy establishments like Friday’s Project. And if you’re looking for something more alternative, pay a visit to the world of PostersBarcelona, a store offering an immense number of posters and prints of movies, tv series, art, music, etc. Keep in mind that if you book a cheap hotel in Granada, you will be able to allocate a bigger part of your budget to your purchases. And really, if you’re going to spend most of your time outdoors enjoying everything the city has to offer, why spend so much money on accommodation when you have wonderful alternatives like the Sidorme Hotels? Now that we’ve told you everything about the marvellous shopping possibilities in Granada, you’re probably already thinking about what you need to pack in your suitcase for your getaway, so we won’t hold you up any longer. Book your cheap hotel in Granada now and prepare a small budget for some shopping in the streets of this historical city.