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Granollers festivals: countdown

August is the most anticipated month by the vast majority of people in Spain, and it’s already here. A well-deserved holiday time has finally arrived, after months of work and effort, and it doesn’t get better than, if during our holidays we can also stay in a comfortable hotel surrounded by a festive atmosphere. Granollers festivals are a great choice if you’re looking to have some fun, and the city is currently holding its most important celebration: Festa Major de Blancs i Blaus (Festival of whites and blues).


Origins of the event

This festival goes no less than 31 years back. It’s a special day for the locals, because that was the day when a bet between two rajolers (former name for the profession of brick and tile layers in Catalan) took place. These men bet who could lay more tiles in an hour. Their supporters spiced up the challenge, making it more interesting. This challenge became the starting point for an event that nowadays has achieved a huge following. Since then, blancs and blaus (whites and blues) have a healthy competition to see which team enlivens the Festival more. These two colours unite and divide the city at the same time, turning the week between August 23rd and August 31st into a complete jamboree. Their motto is that there is one winner, but no victors or defeated. It’s a fun game of competition, but never violence. You’re probably wondering what does this coveted triumph entail: their reward is the opening of the following year’s ceremony, which means that in some way or another, they’re already thinking what’s going to happen twelve months in advance.


Activities during the Festival of Granollers

There is a highly varied programme of all sorts of activities: cultural and popular, for both young and adult audiences. This festival invites you to spend a different kind of holidays. Torras Villà park hosts a circus fit for all ages, with sensational performances, juggling, and other surprises for anyone who would like to attend. La arrossada (a dish made of rice) gathers over 3,000 people on Friday of Festa Major, with circus workshops, performances, family cinema, concerts, habaneras, and dances. Furthermore, during all days of the festival an account of the events is created, and this year it is under the responsibility of Eloi Vila, journalist, writer and script-writer.  It starts out on Sunday, August 24th, and continues on Friday of Festa Major. You can pick up a hard copy in the city council and on the website of the Festival of Granollers.


A good organisation

In order to achieve a good organisation of the event, the city council carries out several arrangements, like changes in the cleaning service schedule, placement of public portable toilets in the Can Trullàs, Folch i Torres, Maluquer i Salvador i Barangé squares, and in the Torras Villà park. Moreover, if you’re travelling with children and you are worried they might get lost, you can get them a special bracelet which will include your contact data. You can find these bracelets at the Fiesta Mayor shop and Granollers Museum. There will also be reusable glasses to avoid environmental pollution during the Festival of Granollers. The locals of the area are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the festivals. It’s such a highly anticipated event, the City Council of Granollers has installed a countdown of the days, hours, minutes and seconds left until this beloved festival starts, both on their website and the website of the Festival. So, what do you think? Would you like to come to Granollers?