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Green areas in Madrid: discover the city’s exceptional gardens and parks

When you’re visiting a city, being able to discover its most precious secrets and hideouts makes for the perfect proposal to experience a fun getaway and to take a rest from the routine. Beyond the traditional places of interest and monuments, there are cities boasting authentic ‘green lungs’, bristling with nature and charm. These gorgeous spaces are really worth your attention. The capital city of Spain is one of those enclaves. Its gardens and parks combine exquisiteness, tradition, and most importantly, a wide range of trees, flowers, and hideouts captured by so many photographers. Picture a different kind of getaway, and choose a good hotel in the centre of Madrid to experience a few special and magical days.


The magnetism of the Royal Botanical Garden: natural richness and centuries-old tradition

The notable gardens of Madrid are no secret to many visitors. Such is the case of the Royal Botanical Garden. It was born back in year 1755, under the direction of Fernando VI, and has grown and become increasingly beautiful since, attracting thousands of local and international travellers every year. There are over five thousand different species living inside this park, making this setting one of the most recommended places to get lost in in Madrid, and discover its hideouts, terraces, as well as its particular flowers, different Bonsai species, and edible plants.


The comfort of a hotel in the centre of Madrid so as to not to miss out on anything

Madrid is a great, green city, and the reality of this statement is made evident throughout its different neighbourhoods. Escape the asphalted sidewalks and find the ideal place to breathe some fresh air and rest. When you’re staying in a hotel in the centre of Madrid, you will be within a short walking distance from its marvellous natural spaces, namely El Retiro Park.

This place has been consistently improved over the years, gaining extra points in beauty and attractiveness. El Retiro is one of the most historical places of Madrid, emerging in the capital city in the 17th century. This massive green area offers its visitors a stunning pond, several artificial lakes, cypress trees, various gardens, and the so-called Forest of Remembrance.


A visit to the Parque de El Capricho in the Alameda de Osuna neighbourhood

Another interesting place to visit is, undoubtedly, the Parque de El Capricho in the Alameda de Osuna neighbourhood. It’s one of the lesser-known gardens in the capital city of Spain. Nevertheless, it boasts a display of fineness and good taste. The dukes of Osuna decided to create this park in 1784, aided by the contributions of widely renowned talents of the artistic and landscape domains. In these beautiful surroundings you will be able to enjoy nature, sculptures, palaces, fountains, and a peculiar labyrinth, making for a nice and fun day trip. Moreover, another interesting place to visit in Madrid we strongly recommend you to add to your schedule is the Debod Temple Gardens for a lovely stroll. They are located in the area of Princesa. This place survived the waters of the Asún dam, making for a magical setting to enjoy nature and extraordinary views of the mountain range and Casa de Campo, immersing yourself in its over two thousand years of history. Here’s a list of different proposals filled with fragrance and nuances. From Sidorme we would like to invite you to visit the most beautiful parks and gardens, getting to know another charming side of Madrid.