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Happy World Tourism Day: the perfect tribute to travellers

“To travel is to live.” said the renowned fairy-tales writer Hans Christian Andersen, emphasising how important it was for human beings to never stop discovering new destinations. It’s so tempting to pack your suitcase and just throw yourself into a new adventure, heading to an unknown exciting place. It’s even more special if you do it on a day like September 27th, due to the World Tourism Day. World Tourism Day is a highlighted day in the calendars of travellers and globetrotters alike, celebrated since the year 1980. This proposal was endorsed by the World Tourism Organisation (WTD) to bring out the importance of this activity in all of its variations. There are many ways of enjoying yourself when you’re on a journey. Some of the greatest options include cultural tourism, making a traditional tour through the city of your choice, or perhaps adding a more avant-garde touch, as well as getaways where sports and adventure play the leading role. Undoubtedly, tourism is a powerful financial engine for every country. Evidently, Spain is not an exception, being an internationally recognised destination for millions of tourists each year. More so, Spain was the hosting country for the celebrations of World Tourism Day in 2012, a special date which has been celebrated for many years. Mexico has the honour of being the hosting country in 2014, offering multiple activities and shows for anyone who would like to join.


A nod to tourists, courtesy of low cost hotels

Spain can pride itself on being home to many privileged places, with Granada and the Alhambra Palace amongst the primary magnets for travellers from all around the world. Whether you’re travelling with family or friends, or enjoying a romantic getaway with your partner, Granada has become one of the most demanded destinations in the last few years. Besides this beautiful Andalusian territory, other cities like Barcelona, Madrid or Valencia are very popular amongst thousands of travellers as well, who are choosing these fantastic destinations season after season. The tourism sector has suffered an economic revolution in the last few years, which contributes to attracting more travellers, thanks to a wide range of low cost hotels, offering the maximum comfort and the best service at much more affordable prices.


Spain: an irresistible temptation for cultural tourism lovers

With such wonderful incentives, and travellers’ desire to continue discovering the world, it is no surprise the tourism sector is capable of creating thousands of jobs, representing 9% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) worldwide. This activity continues increasing thanks to thousands of travellers who are opting for the best offers in cultural tourism, romantic getaways, or the opportunity to enjoy a few days breaking off of the routine and discovering pure nature. Many incredible places are worth a mention on this list, such as the city of Girona in Costa Brava, Madrid and its surroundings, or the north of Spain. All of these magnificent destinations are offering rich landscapes, a wide range of the most diverse activities suited for all tastes and ages, as well as delicious cuisine, a variety of sports, and the most attractive leisure options. With such an interesting offer in low cost hotels, high class holidays are within anyone's reach.