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Hiking excursions in Valencia

Lovers of nature are always trying to make as much free time as they can in order to spend some precious days doing what they love most. Undoubtedly, hiking is the perfect activity for a weekend during which we are looking to get away from our daily obligations, leave the bustling cities with their light and noise pollution behind, and enjoy a much longed-for peace. For many people, this image of peace is painted in a green palette, and for that reason they look for mountains, natural paths and new hideouts to explore. If you’ve decided to spend a few days in a cheap hotel in Valencia, you will find some great options all over this region perfect for hiking. Hillwalking in Valencia requires you to be ready on all accounts: the equipment, which includes wearing adequate clothing and good footwear to support and enclose your ankles; a water bottle, food, a good backpack, sunscreen and a cap. Besides, preparing your activity in advance is also a good idea to avoid last-minute surprises, especially the unpleasant kind. Today we will give you some tips on the paths and routes you can choose for your getaway to the region of Valencia.

El Pi del Salt in Nàquera

If you would like to take advantage of your stay in a cheap hotel in Valencia to take a stroll by the city, besides visiting some natural spots, we propose the following solution: during this route you will discover a little bit of the Sierra Calderona, a long mountain range. It follows the PR-CV 329 route, and takes its hikers to the most interesting places of Nàquera: the quarries, el Salt del Pi, and the monumental pine tree carrying the same name. This mountainous town is located only 25 kilometres away from the city of Valencia, and at 212 metres above sea level. It’s a strikingly beautiful enclave surrounded by mountains, ravines and pine forests. If you would like to go on this hiking route, its starting point is located in Náquera. Take the road leading you towards Pi del Salt by the path PR-CV 329, and in a little over 4 kilometres you will reach your destination.

The Júcar Canyon

Another interesting option within your reach when you’re staying in a cheap hotel in Valencia is to get to know the Júcar Canyon. Its abrupt walls with a more than a 200-metre fall to the Júcar river offer hikers an incredible view. The shiny pools of water will accompany you throughout the entire itinerary, and you will be able to see its spectacular sickle shape along one of the sections. This route’s starting point is located in the Jalance town, and it takes approximately 4 hours and 15 minutes to complete. The recommended itinerary goes as following: Peña María, la Pista de la Hidro, la Peña Sapo y Sapa, a tunnel, abandoned buildings of Hidro (here is where the track ends), the path, another tunnel, the end of the path and return by the same route.

Ascension to the Montdúver mountain

La Serra de la Safor mountain range is another interesting alternative when you’re staying in a cheap hotel in Valencia and you would like to enjoy the pleasant sensation of hillwalking. This particular hiking track allows you to climb to the Montdúver mountain. It is a circular, 13-kilometre long route, beginning in the Xeresa town. It boasts having a high geological and landscape value, making this itinerary one of the most interesting ones. However, you must keep in mind it is recommended to avoid this route during summer months. Here is the itinerary you will need to follow: Xeresa, Camí del Molí, pass the AP-7 through the tunnel, then Font del Molí, Barranco del Emboscats, Font del Montdúver, El Picaio, Pista de les Foies, direct ascension path, the peak of Montdúver, downhill path, Coll de Vigues, Els Frarets, l’Obreret, Corral de Foquio, Barranco de la Mina de Oro, diversion to Font de l’Esbarzer, Pla de la Vella, Racó de Senillers, starting sign, AP-7 tunnel, and return to Xeresa. If you prefer to stay closer to your cheap hotel in Valencia, however, but still get to thoroughly enjoy natural spaces of the highest value, there are other alternatives like Parque Fluvial del Turia (Rain Park of the Turia river), a green corridor walk going alongside the Turia river; or La Marjal de la Albufera, a three and a half kilometre long route of rich landscapes with orchards and rice fields, amongst other elements belonging to the historical and architectural heritage of the Valencian region. And now that we’ve shown you all these routes, have you chosen the one you’d like to take? Dust off your hiking boots and book your room in a cheap hotel in Valencia.