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Holidays in Barcelona: contrast, art and essence

Barcelona is one of those astonishing places that will consistently surprise you everywhere you go. This Catalan city full of history and contrasts offers its visitors an equal variety of alternatives in art, fun, nature and tradition. Barcelona, famous for being a symbol of modernity and avant-garde, contains several architectural gems recognised and cherished internationally, such as the cathedral of Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló, la Pedrera or Park Güell, amongst others. These landmarks are visited each year by a vast amount of travellers from all over the world. Such a list of architectural treasures is definitely worth visiting, and if you can make it happen without having to spend an exorbitant amount of money, all the better. Thanks to our helpful selection of cheap hotels near Barcelona, where you can enjoy the maximum comfort, it’s possible. But of course Barcelona has a lot more to offer besides its beautiful landmarks and places of interest. A good part of the real essence of this city can be found within its districts. For lovers of mystery, the alluring streets of the Gothic Quarter will charm you straightaway, especially when visited at night. This neighbourhood, located in the old town, will immerse you in a journey through the past, stopping by Portaferrissa, the cathedral of Barcelona, or Bisbe street, where you will find the historic palace El Palau de la Generalitat, and its original façade, dating back to the fifteenth century.


From the bustle of El Born neighbourhood to resting time in the best cheap hotels near Barcelona

Born is defined by culture and leisure. It’s a central place has been gaining strength over the years, offering the possibility of enjoying beautiful museums such as the Picasso Museum and the Textile Museum, sampling the best cocktails in its terraces, or go shopping to different footwear and clothing shops, which offer the latest trends in fashion. To make up for such an intensely active day, there’s nothing better than getting away from the bustle and staying in one of the cheap hotels near Barcelona in Granollers, or Sidorme hotel in Mollet, two of our finest establishments. The proximity to an excellent transportation which takes you to different strategic points of the city is one of their many appealing qualities for all travellers. A chance to see the sea is another of the main reasons for visiting Barcelona. To dedicate some time to getting to know the Barceloneta beach is a splendid idea. Here you can enjoy the best dishes of fresh seafood, and get acquainted with the peculiarities of this neighbourhood, where fishermen established themselves back in the eighteenth century. It’s a different and very interesting option to consider.


From the sights of Montjuic to the hustle of the Ramblas

Back from the beach and up the mountain, with a mandatory visit to Montjuic and its castle, an old military fortress. This fortress, which you can access by a cable car, amongst other alternative ways, allows you to behold privileged sights of the city of Barcelona. Gràcia neighbourhood, el Ravalo or el Eixample are also amongst the most legendary places of Barcelona. Different settings, each and every one of them contributing to making this city all the more special and attractive, a city that makes an appearance in so many novels and poems of the most renowned writers. Barcelona is a captivating place, offering its visitors a picturesque tour over a kilometre long through the frequented Ramblas, or the beauty of the esplanade by the Olympic Harbour. If you’d like to be pleasantly surprised and live a different experience, why not head to Barcelona and enjoy the service of the best hotels near Barcelona, such as those which Sidorme puts at your fingertips?