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Holidays in Catalonia: From cosmopolitanism to nature

Amongst destinations of national as well as international travelers Catalan lands occupy a very privileged position. A thorough search for hotels in Catalonia can reinforce one’s decision to visit this distinctive community which offers cosmopolitan cities, beautiful beaches, mesmerizing landscapes, ancient roman ruins, art, history and much more. Another influential factor acting in favor of visiting Catalonia is its climate, which is Mediterranean in its essence. Along the coastline it is distinguished by its mild winters and hot summers. In the Pyrenees, in contrast, the temperatures tend to be lower, and there is greater humidity. This, however, is rather pleasant during summer. Below we offer a tour consisting of the most famous destinations of Catalan geography:



It is no surprise that those who set foot in Barcelona fall instantly in love with this eclectic, vibrant and cosmopolitan city. Due to existence of all types of commercial enterprises and unique shops, visitors can find everything imaginable; they can discover flavors from around the world thanks to the multitude of restaurants, or enjoy a sip of vermouth in some of the most authentic bars. Barcelona’s architecture is also quite famous due to distinguished masterpieces of the Spanish gran maestro Antoni Gaudi such as Park Güell, the Church of the Holy Family (la Sagrada Familia) and Casa Batllo, to name but a few. The Ramblas and the Square of Spain (Plaza de España) are the busiest areas of Barcelona, where stopping for an instance to throw a glance upon the surroundings will make one notice the seemingly endless flow of people passing by each second.



For those who prefer ancient remains, Tarragona is the best destination when looking for hotels in Catalonia. The amphitheater will encourage travelers to go back in time and feel the roar of crowds during gladiator fights. Moreover, it is impossible to avoid thinking about the effort put into building of the aqueduct. The wall and many other elements Roman inhabit a Roman route available to the visitor on the website of the City Hall. The coastal area also includes some beautiful and famous beaches and the legendary amusement park Port Aventura (the first one of its kind to be built in Spain).


The Ebro Delta

Nature lovers will also find some lovely places owing to the Ebro Delta Natural Park located in the province of Tarragona. There you will find a combination of paddy fields, riparian vegetation, ponds, lagoons and long sandy beaches. The peninsula, which juts 30 kilometers into the sea, represents a haven of peace for almost a hundred various species of birds that populate it.


Catalan Pyrenees

When looking for hotels in Catalonia one should not forget about the possibility to explore the area to the north, close to the Pyrenees. In winter all ski resorts are overfilled with sports enthusiasts on their quest for adrenaline in the snow. In summer, however, one can enjoy fantastic landscapes located between the mountains in the area of Lleida and Gerona (Girona). If you love history, you should visit Gerona and, especially, its fascinating cathedral and the Jewish quarter.



Figueres is the birthplace of the famous painter Dali. A reflection of Dali’s work has remained in this beautiful town in form of his museum. This place is obligatory for lovers of art characteristic for this surrealist genius, for here they can enjoy both paintings and sculptures along with some original montages and audiovisual elements. But why give up something if you can have it all? The only way not to miss a single detail lies in good planning. Choose between functional and economic hotels of Catalonia, select one of these accommodations as a starting point and start touring the Catalan community to enjoy it from the beginning to the end, getting to know all the beautifies of these unique lands.