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Holidays in Catalonia: a taste of salt and culture

Catalonia is an attractive destination not only for people from Spain but from all over the world. The fame it gained over the decades is very-well deserved: besides the magnificent beaches, Costa Brava also offers its visitors a great cultural tour and a bustling commercial life. Such a winning combination gives us all the more reasons to spend our holidays staying in one of the many hotels in Catalonia. You can go for a stroll and get lost in the beauty of the most representative cities, spend a few days in the sun and enjoy the warmth of the Mediterranean Sea, go shopping and visit a great number of stores, get to know the history of Catalonia and its architecture from up close… These are only a few examples of the different activities within your reach which will contribute to making your holidays absolutely perfect.


Some relaxing time at the best beaches and coves

It is no secret the Mediterranean coastline is famous worldwide, thanks to its incredible landscapes, offering the most fantastic places for sunbathing, swimming in the sea, sightseeing, and even for practising water sports. Catalonia has a great number of charming seaside towns and beaches in the big cities, such as La Barceloneta, in Barcelona. It is undoubtedly one of the main reference points from where you can comfortably visit different seaside towns and villages. If you choose to stay in a hotel in Barcelona, you can visit places like the Garraf beach in Sitges. This is the go-to place for the people of Barcelona in order to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city during summer season.Its antique fishermen huts -now restored- offers a picturesque image of the city. The beach of Castelldefels is also very popular. It’s situated near the delta of the Llobregat river, and the limestone massif by the name of Garraf. Fine sand, quiet waters and its location in an urban area make for the perfect place for the entire family. However, there are more hotels in Catalonia you can stay in if you want to visit this beautiful land. If you stay in our hotel in Girona, for example, you will find yourself at one of the best locations near the sea. We’re talking about the Montjoic cove, boasting immense beauty, dark sand and crystal-clear waters. In the town of Begur, also in Girona, you will find the Sa Tuna beach.


The perfect occasion to get familiar with the culture and the history of the region

You will quickly realise that Catalonia has many cultural and historical treasures. If we set our base in a hotel in Girona, we will be able to enjoy the Old Town area, its bustling commercial life, and impressive architectural jewels, namely the Gothic Cathedral. Also worth a visit is the Jewish neighbourhood or la judería, one of the best preserved. Travel back in time and immerse yourself into its narrow alleyways. Another must-see place during your holidays in Catalonia is Figueres. Its great historical heritage alongside the Dalí Museum are just some of the delightful things this region has to offer. Visit this magical city marked by the surrealism and genius of the renowned artist with Sidorme by staying in our hotel in Figueres. Another fantastic reason to look for hotels in Catalonia is getting to stay in Barcelona, from where you will be able to enjoy the notable work of the celebrated architect Antonio Gaudí (Güell Park, Sagrada Familia), the Gothic neighbourhood, and the Montjuic fountain, amongst many others. In a previous post we offered you a tour through this wonderful city.


Make sure you also take this chance to go shopping

Catalonia has always been famous for its busy commercial life. All along the streets of this region we will find a great variety of shops and stores. Ranging from small craftsmanship establishments which were passed on from parents to children offering typical products of the area, to big international brands which opened their fashion houses along avenues like Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona. This is the best opportunity to buy new things, relax at the most incredible beaches, and enjoy the culture and history of the area. Why don’t you start looking for hotels in Catalonia now and spend a few fabulous days at the Mediterranean?