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Holidays in Girona: a destination that leaves a mark on its visitors

Some places have very special traits, suggesting pleasant alternatives to the conventional and most visited holiday destinations and landscapes. The region of Girona is one of those places capable of making a difference and leaving its own mark on each and every visitor. A tour through the streets of this magnificent Catalan city is an invitation to discover passages from history, enjoy nature in the heart of a metropolis, and sample delicious cuisine which inspired internationally renowned chefs. Girona is considered to be a magnet for travellers who enjoy cultural tourism, offering a variety of activities suiting all preferences. This city has the ideal settings for anyone who is keen on architecture, tempting exhibitions, contests, and performances of all sorts. With the added appeal of not having to spend a fortune if you choose to stay in a cheap hotel in Girona, you will enjoy a nice stay in a hotel which meets all budgets needs whilst offering the best services and an easy transportation system at the same time.


Cultural tourism in Spain: impressive monuments and colourfulness

Girona prides itself on having a lot of pedestrian walkways, offering visitors the possibility of exploring the city on foot, away from the hustle and bustle and noise of the vehicles. Cultural tourism enthusiasts will most assuredly enjoy the chance of getting acquainted with epic monuments such as the city’s cathedral, a very popular Gothic construction with an impressive stairway. You will find that commercial activity is heavily concentrated in The Ramblas of Girona, in addition to a very interesting offer of local cuisine. Church of Sant Martí is also one of the key points of the city, particularly during the month of May, when this beautiful church is completely transformed due to the celebration of an open air exhibition called Girona Temps de Flors (Girona’s time of flowers). The entire city is embellished with samples of the most remarkable floral creations. This exhibition will take place between the days of May 9th and 17th of 2015, celebrating its 60th anniversary.


The temptation of discovering the city at best prices in a cheap hotel in Girona

Bearing in mind Girona’s homage to nature, this city’s river Onyar has several bridges, with Pont de Ferro designed by Gustave Eiffel amongst them. It’s a unique attraction which gathers travellers from all around the world to see this beautiful Catalan region. Moreover, the appeal of an interesting accommodation offer makes it possible to make the best of a few days of holidays, if you choose to stay in a cheap hotel in Girona with the best service and transportation system.


An exciting journey through time

Bordering with Onyar river, travellers will be able to explore ancient houses of the city and discover the furniture design inside Rafael Masó Foundation. The architect himself resided in this building, which to this day preserves its beautiful, original facade, and all of its chambers. If you’d like to enjoy first-hand a different experience, Girona offers you the opportunity to see a genuine bunker built during Spanish Civil War. It’s an impressive, perfectly preserved place, where anyone inclined will be able to experience the rawness of the feeling of being inside this bunker. Additionally, you will be able to get to know this chapter of recent history in a more profound manner, thanks to the professionals from the Museum of History. So, if you would like to spend your holidays in a different environment and enjoy the best offer of cultural tourism, make sure you stay in a cheap hotel in Girona, such as Sidorme.