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Holidays in Granada: a destination for the whole family

The name Granada brings to mind ancient times, streets filled with history, the epic palace left to us by our Arab ancestors called La Alhambra, tapas and terraces, Sierra Nevada Mountain, amongst many other mesmerising places. And it’s possible to visit them all if you choose to spend your holidays in a cheap hotel in Granada. Undoubtedly, one of the main secrets of success of this city is the fact that it is truly a point of convergence for the most diverse interests, and at very affordable prices. The famous cuisine with a wide range of cheap tapas is something you’ll probably hear recommended all the time by friends and acquaintances. Because who hasn’t heard about how great is the food in Granada? However, appetisers are not the only advantage of choosing to stay in a cheap hotel in Granada. As a result of being able to save some money by staying in a low cost hotel, such as Sidorme Hotel in Granada, we can extend our stay and enjoy everything this city has got to offer. Anti-crisis holidays are possible thanks to these hotels, where simplicity and comfort stand above everything, while offering all essential services at the same time.


Nature and fresh air

It is true that Sierra Nevada is especially famous for its ski resort, but that doesn’t stop it from being a highly valued natural park during the rest of the year, too. Moreover, you can visit the Bike Park (open until September 7th), using our bike lift facilities. There are eight downhill tracks, over 30 kilometres in total, and almost 1,000 metres of slopes above sea level. If you like adrenaline and you want to get to know this beautiful landscape on two wheels during summer, here is yet another reason for finding a cheap hotel in Granada. There are also multiple tracks in this beautiful mountain range, if hiking or running is your activity of choice. There are areas with tracks of meltwater, where ice melting follows its natural cycle. La Laguna de las Yeguas (1,185 m.), Virgen de las Nieves (2,580), Las Chorreras (3,670 m.), Veleta (4,385 m.), El Observatorio (1.950 m) y Las Suertes (2.780 m.) are the multiple options where you can see the process of ice melting. For the toughest ones who would like to put their strength and resistance to the test, there are routes of mountain races at the Vertical Kilometre (4.9 kilometres with a slope of a 1,000 metres), Cauchiles-Laguna running track at 2,700 metres of altitude (7.9 kilometres with a slope of a 125 metres), and the official competition track of Mountain Festival for mountain races (22.5 kilometres long with a slope of 3,750 metres total).


Art and cultural tourism in Granada

It’s absolutely mandatory to visit the Alhambra Palace if you’re going to spend a few days in this magical city. La Alhambra, translated from Arabic, means The Red Castle, and it is one of the main symbols of the Arab culture in Spain. The possibility of visiting La Alhambra at night and the activities organised around this legendary place make this option a unique chance impossible to miss. If you’re keen on flamenco, there is also the possibility of seeing En Memoria del Cante: 1922, a dance performance in the Generalife Gardens.


Basketball Championship

The first stage of Mundobasket 2014, the World Championship of Basketball takes place at Palacio Municipal de los Deportes, If you’re a basketball enthusiast and you would like to enjoy this championship from August 30th to September 14th of 2014, here is yet another reason for finding a cheap hotel in Granada. And that’s not all: the national team of Spain is playing during this stage of the tournament.