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Holidays with kids: an opportunity to learn and to strengthen family bonds

It’s perfectly natural to be on a constant look out for possibilities to enrich the development of our children. For that reason, it is one of the main factors we take into account when booking our family holidays. We probably want them to practice some sports, to get to know new cultural environments and people, to learn new things, and, most of all, to work in improving our relationship with them. Sidorme would like to suggest you an interesting selection of ideas for your holidays with kids, with the perfect combination of all these aspects and a chance to enjoy spending some time together.


Museums of natural sciences: a whole new world to discover

One of those places where any child will spend most of their visit with their mouth open in wonder is, undoubtedly, a museum of natural sciences. The massive skeletons, vagaries of nature preserved in formaldehyde, collections of butterflies or other insects, and fossils are only some of the marvels we will find in such museums. If you would like to add a science component to your holidays with kids, make sure you stay in a hotel in the centre of Madrid, from where you will be able to easily visit the National Museum of Natural Sciences. Besides being able to see the permanent exhibition, there’s also the possibility of taking part in a wide range of activities dedicated to families and their children. If you choose to visit Barcelona, this beautiful city also has a museum of natural sciences of its own, as well as a botanical garden. The Blau Museum, situated near the Fòrum, has an area of 9,000 square metres. This museum, amongst other temporary exhibitions, holds Planeta Vida (Life Planet), a benchmark exhibition. Another interesting concept is El Nido de ciencia (The Nest of Science), focussed on children from 0 to 6 years old. If you stay in a low cost hotel in Barcelona, you will be able to enjoy this broad array of interesting options.


Bonding through outdoor adventure activities

Another interesting idea if you’re spending your holidays with kids is to prepare a good programme of outdoor adventure activities. The adrenaline rush and intense experiences will give us the opportunity to forget about everything and will prove to be a great source of fun for the little ones. Moreover, these experiences often require team work, which is just the perfect ingredient for your family holidays, providing the chance to work on the relationship between parents and children. You can enjoy doing some rafting, climbing, rappelling, or going on a zip-line. If being surrounded by nature is your call, alongside these activities another fantastic idea is to enjoy practising hiking. Your kids will be delighted to discover nature in its pure, unadulterated form. Choose the adequate route difficulty for your family and spend a fabulous time together carefree.


Water sports: something new to learn

Regardless of where we live, whether it’s on the coast or inland, water sports aren’t usually part of our daily routine. Make the most of your holidays with kids and visit a city like Valencia to learn something new and enjoy the sea at the same time. There are many schools organising summer activities for families, as well as a variety of courses for beginners, like sailing, windsurfing, stand up paddle boarding, and many other types of sports. All these great holiday options also have the incentive of meeting other families. But, most of all, we are also offering our children the chance to make new friends and meet people from all around the world, which is always a positive thing. One of the most interesting options is surfing. This water sport has a magical halo around it, making it particularly attractive for everyone. Wouldn’t it be great to plough through the waves? Hold onto that thought, because this summer you can make it happen thanks to the summer schools you will find in Valencia, Girona or Barcelona. Have you already thought what you are going to do during your holidays with kids? Which idea did you like best?