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Hotels with free WiFi: a luxury or a necessity?

The arrival of smartphones has dramatically changed our lifestyles. This is why we are prone to look for hotels with free Wi-Fi. Finding a network to connect to wherever we might be has become one of the small pleasures in life. Thanks to free Wi-Fi we don’t have to consume the valuable mobile data that we struggle to stretch till the end of each month, avoiding at all costs paying additional money to our telephone companies. Not in vain has the expression “Home is where the Wi-Fi is” become so popular. Nowadays, it is indispensable to stay continuously connected. Being able to contact friends and family, and keeping them updated on what we have discovered during our journey is one of the main reasons to find hotels with free Wi-Fi in Spain.


Online entertainment

Updating our status on social networks, uploading pictures to show where we’ve spent our day, receiving interesting e-mails, or simply taking a break while checking Pinterest, Instagram, or our favourite blogs has become one of those simple entertainments when taking a break. The possibility to watch videos or to follow our favourite TV series is yet another reason for selecting a hotel with free Wi-Fi. Some rest time after a day of sightseeing always makes for a good moment to relax and enjoy a good fictional story. And from a series-addict point of view, not missing an episode is sometimes a question of life or death.


For those who are on a business trip

There are many people whose jobs include either occasional or frequent journeys. A stable Wi-Fi connection in the hotel room is almost indispensable for ensuring a comfortable stay. Without leaving the room, business visitors can relax while continuing to write reports, send e-mails, browse enterprise related data, or any other activity which requires an internet connection. Moreover, Internet allows you to be connected to Skype at all times, enabling you to have video conferences with your enterprise partners. This is a very important advantage to take into account, especially for jobs requiring perfect team coordination for achieving enterprise’s objectives. After a very long day of work, or an intense meeting, being able to relax in bed with wireless internet access is one of the undisputable benefits of choosing a hotel with free Wi-Fi. However, some of them only offer this service in the common areas of their facilities. In Sidorme hotels we like to go the extra mile for our customers, and for that reason we have recently opened our first Sidorme+ in Viladecans, where we are offering a free internet connection with a download speed of 300mbps. Come to visit us and try it yourself!


Economic planning

In economic terms, not having to pay an additional quantity for an internet connection is a very important factor to keep in mind regardless of your travelling purpose. Keeping track of the expenses is crucial during our time away; therefore, you can never have too much help. Unexpected circumstances can always arise. Therefore, they must be taken into consideration when planning the budget for our trip. Thus, we are protecting ourselves from possible unforeseen expenditures which could ruin all of our efforts to stay within a designated budget. Consequently, choosing a hotel with free Wi-Fi allows us to plan the expenses we are going to have during our lodging in advance. Quality, comfort, leisure and low prices don’t have to be mutually exclusive. It’s important to choose wisely when we are contemplating spending the holidays or a few days of work in a foreign to us city.



Have you ever heard of MiFi? It’s a wireless portable router which uses a SIM card in order to provide you with internet access on any device that has a Wi-Fi connection. It also gives you the possibility of connecting several devices at the same time. This way you’ll have access to Wi-Fi outside the hotel during your journey as well. This technology is already available in our Sidorme hotel in Granada and our hotel in Viladecans.