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Jazz Madrid 2015: a musical appointment you cannot miss

Music has a wonderful power of bringing people closer to each other. This is something plainly evident you will experience during a concert, as well as in other, more intimate settings. Music moves us, makes us emotional, and enriches our soul. If you happen to feel the same way about music, we are certain you see the Jazz Madrid 2015 Festival like a golden opportunity, same as us. Starting on November 5th, The Conde Duque stage is going to be the epicentre of a dense programme. Enjoy numerous performances of the best artists of the genre throughout the entire month, in an open-minded and prejudice-free atmosphere, with a wide range of performers of different kinds of musical attitudes. See and feel the music of the most renowned jazz stars, and allow yourself to get inspired by the notes that pierce the skin and fly directly into your soul. If you want to feel connected to different musical textures and depths jazz is capable of showing you, don’t wait any longer and start to plan your getaway. Book now a hotel in the centre of Madrid and get ready to enjoy music of the highest quality by some of the most celebrated examples of the genre.


The most veteran, the most vibrant and the newly discovered names at Jazz Madrid 2015

The programme of Jazz Madrid 2015 encompasses not only different artistic sensibilities, but also a vast number of performers, ranging from the most veteran, the most popular of the moment, and the newly discovered talents. If you choose to stay in hotel in the centre of Madrid and spend a few incredible days in the capital city of Spain, you will be able to see live incredible jazz personalities, namely Richard Bona, the bass player from Cameroon, who has been given the honour of raising the curtain of the festival. Additionally, you’ll get to see some of the highest international jazz authorities, namely John Scofield, Mike Stern, Joe Lovano, Anthony Strong, Marcin Wasilewski, Habib Koité, Eric Bibb, Marc Ribot, Vincent Courtois, Louis Sclavis, Rabih Abou-Khalil, Kurt Elling o Abdullah Ibrahim. Amongst the youngest talents, we would like to highlight the performances offered by Elisabetta Antonini and Lucía Martínez, the Amaniel Big Band, the Club Reserva 1925 Jazz Band, Big Band Música Creativa, or the trio formed by Ernesto Aurignac, Marco Mezquida and Ramón Prats, under the name of M.A.P. We will also be able to enjoy the current greatest female jazz performers, like Rita Marcotulli, Esperanza Spalding, Marcella Carboni, as well as the orchestra director María Schneider.


Activity-packed calendar

The possibility to attend to over twenty different shows is overwhelming. So, if you decide to book a hotel in the centre of Madrid to come and experience Jazz Madrid 2015, we suggest you choose in advance the performances you are interested in the most. The festival will be on from November 5th to 27th. Most of the concerts will take place at the Conde Duque de Madrid Cultural Centre (Conde Duque street, No 11), with two additional ones at La Riviera venue and Instituto Francés. During your getaway, you will also be able to enjoy conferences, films, and over thirty additional shows, all of which are part of the “Sabor a Club” programme, prepared by the association of live music venues La Noche en Vivo; and debates taking place at the Conde Duque events hall, touching a variety of subjects like “The great adventure of Jazz”, “Spanish Jazz’ Horizons”, “Inspiration and hobby: the doors of Jazz”, or “How to recognise a Jazz musician (and one that isn’t)?”. Before you is the perfect opportunity to stay in a hotel in the centre of Madrid and delight your senses in the nights of the capital city of Spain, music, and life.